[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO – June 2022

June 2022 Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO

Council Members







Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000USD

Divided and accountable by:

  • Spiritual DAO Content Creation (three members) - 1000 USD

  • Video Editor - 300USD

  • Audio Engineer - 300USD

  • Graphic Designer - 400USD

  • Guided meditation (10 videos x 150USD) - 1500USD

  • Yoga videos (5 videos x 100USD) - 500USD

  • Saving for parcel or NearHub. Money for buying a parcel for Metaverse events (In future we plan to have our own metaverse space in cryptovoxel or in Nearhub. We’d like to save small amounts to be able to purchase land in cryptovoxel or being able to buy land in Nearhub.)- 500USD

  • Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs - 400USD (taken out of the council payout). Onboard 4 masters Spiritual personalities and 4 strategic members (people that can bring more people to the DAO; in differents places on Earth; and share the DAO) in for DAO and Near Protocol growth ideation.

  • Council work - 1100USD

Total budget: 5000USD

Previous report

[DAO month report](https://gov.near.org/t/report-spiritual-dao-monthly-report-for-may-2022/22706)

Relevance and justification

The importance of these projects are

  • Creating art and content in line with global spiritual practices.
  • Creation of spiritual content which already has demand and can potentially make Spiritual DAO self sustainable.
  • Creating a team which can create content and can function in a decentralized way by the use of AstroDao
  • Onboarding spiritual practitioners and teachers from around the world to share their knowledge and wisdom without having to worry when funding stops.


Here you can access all of our projects


Month: June 2022

Week 1

Open Call in NEAR community and outside to hire

  • Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Video Editor
  • Hatha Yoga teacher for - Spiritual DAO Yoga video series

Week 1

  • Spiritual Masters/Teacher - Llama (Tibetan Monk from Dalai Lama Lineage)
  • Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system - Member 1


  • set the content of yoga videos

  • set the content to guided meditations

  • set the content of art that will be designed

  • do the 1st AMA with Spiritual Teacher; mint it and uploaded to our Youtube Channel

  • Guided meditations raw files to be recorded by various yoga teachers and shared with audio engineer.

Week 2


  • Spiritual Masters/Teachers - Jyotish - Astrologer
  • Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system - Member 2


  • Decide the team and brief them about the projects

  • Video editor create 15 shorts

  • Creation of 10 arts by hired designer

  • do the 2nd AMA with Spiritual Teacher; mint it and uploaded to our Youtube Channel

  • Send 1 Yoga video for edit

  • Designer creates 10 spiritual themed designs that are generating revenue on various print on demand marketplaces.

  • Audios of guided meditations to be edited by audio engineer

Week 3


  • Spiritual Masters/Teachers - Brazilian Shaman / Anishinaabe
  • Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system


  • creation of 5 cards by the hired designer

  • do the 3rd AMA with Spiritual Teacher; mint it and uploaded to our Youtube Channel

  • Send 2 and 3rd yoga video for edit

  • Send guided meditation audios to video editor to edit

  • Upload designs on print on demand store

week 4


  • Spiritual Masters/Teacher - Vastu / Reikhi Teacher
  • Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system


  • upload guided meditation videos on youtube and mintbase

  • do the 4th AMA with Spiritual Teacher; mint it and uploaded to our Youtube Channel

  • create NFTs and mint them

  • upload created material

  • Send 4th and 5th yoga video for edit

  • make payments

  • close month

  • make the monthly report to Creatives DAO

(The payments will be made in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO. NEAR value is set at the conversion rate it was sent by NEAR Foundation to the DAO)

Approval of the budget proposal



Hey guys @Cryptonaut & @beetlejuice , as topic decentralization is being discussed widely in the forum at the moment, I wonder if you have some thoughts and considerations towards the future of Spiritual DAO and it’s council members in terms of expansion and community building?

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Hi Ted,

It is all mentioned in the proposal bud however I feel it wasn’t very clearly put.

Lemme explain.

We are adding

4 members for content creation all on chain
Video editor
Audio engineer

We’re adding a Yoga teacher to our community who will be producing videos and sharing insights that cut through the choas of confusion when it comes to spiritual practices

2 Spiritual Masters, who’ve been teaching their practice for over 20+ years (we’re trying to add 4 but if not, we’ll add 2 next month) - they are only there so we can have conversations with them, AMAs with them and for them to be able to share their wisdom with us

2 spiritually practitioners who will be members (we’re trying to add 4 but if not, we’ll add 2 next month) - they will take AMAs, conduct interviews with spiritual masters, and help us to vote in our decision making as to how the DAOs should grow or what direction this DAO should take.

There will be 8 members added this month atleast.

Apart from spiritual masters all of them will learn how the DAO works and we’d like to take a council from them in a few months.

We’ll reach them how Astro works and all the governance would happen there.

We didn’t want to add anyone til now as we didn’t have any clear idea for sustainability, now we do and we’d like to develop a community we can provide funds to sustain and they intern will help the DAO to grow!

We also want to just not add people for growing our size. We want the core team to be very strong so the network effect produced is the right one. Hence we’re choosing people very slowly and carefully.

Hope this answers question. Let me know if you have any other doubts!


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@Cryptonaut thanks for the extra insight on this, I saw the information laid out for onboarding new community members. This question I was speaking specifically about council members with voting rights in the DAO in this instance. Apologies if I missed this somewhere, and thank you for clarifying that. Completely agree with adding people to be productive rather than growing in size quickly!


People who will become our members will be taken as a council after being well versed with the system within 3-4 months.

We’ll look at member’s participation, suggestions and will to become a council based on which we’ll onboard them as a council.


Hello partner,

Most of the rewarded activities will go to the Spiritual DAO leadership, is that right?

What is the breakdown of activities for the councils?

Hey Partner, @FritzWorm

No, most of the activities will be done by the members we will be onboarding.

Sahil - 6 guided meditations
yoga teacher - creating video series - 5 videos (asanas and theory) - Rohil Jethmalani
Breathwork teacher - 2 guided meditations - Arja
Kundalini teacher - 2 guided meditations - Evalina
Designer to be onboarded to create POD designs monthly - to be onboarded
Audio Engineer - to edit Guided meditations, master audio for Yoga videos - to be onboarded
Video Editor - convert guided meditations into video and edit Yoga series - to be onboarded

Council will get $550 each member.

Proposal creation
Communicating with Audio engineer for guided meditations
Communicating and helping Guided meditation teachers to record properly
Communicating with designer for POD designs
Communicating with Yoga teacher for video series creation
Communicating with video editor for edits
Finding members for DAO growth
Talking to various Spiritual teachers and organisations to onboard meaningful members
Onboarding them on the system and explaining how the community works

Rafaela is only taking the council work money.

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@Cryptonaut & @beetlejuice , thank you for your explanations and feedback.
Happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [GUIDE] Proposal & Payout process for Creatives DAO

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