[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Monthly report for july 2022

[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Monthly report for july 2022

Council Members






Project Status Complete


Total requested: 5000USD

Total spend: 0USD (we are still in payout process,k when the NEAR come we had a deficit of 300USD and we are waiting the marketing go up to change for DAI to pay people)

Astro DAO: 552.9316 DAI // 11.2227 NEAR

External wallet: 803.11532 DAI // 841.42789 NEAR // 2.37499 WNear

What we proposed

What we have accomplished in june

Hiring the Community

We hire, in a long term, 3 members of the ecosystem to work in Spiritual DAO and still working with them (content creation team: audio engineer; video editor; art designer]

Spiritual DAO members are helping us making the spiritual content (like yoga videos and guided meditations)

Financial movements

as soon we change the NEAR for DAI and pay oll people we will edit here with our monthly financial spreadsheet

Updated Project Timeline

All occured the way was planned. We had a delay due to the delay of the budget. But, we created and edited our content before the money arrived, so we could complete our task. The DAO members were awesome doing the job even without the budget in the DAO wallet.


We are very happy with our new team, and work with people in the long term, make bounds and create good content.

We are very pleased about our new content cause it is creating a unity in our arts.

We start to bring new people to the ecosystem, all of them with spiritual connections.


We learn that the new creation team comes with a lot of energy and this comes like a boost for us.

We also learn that setting long term goals and guide maps to reach them make our success more achievable and set us free to put some energy in others parts of the DAO.

Next Steps

We will continue our Bimonthly meetings for Spiritual DAO members to approach everybody together and start to construct a solid membership.

We will continue to work with our team to make the projects and try to start a strategy to share our content.

Also we will continue to search for new members to add in our community.

We are thinking in come back with our events to engage more our community and welcome new members.


Hellow everyone, I’m putting this here cause I want to high light that we received the July founding at August 8th and did all the work in only 9 days.

5 yoga videos
10 guided meditations
15 arts
7 onboard (two waiting to open wallet)
2 ama/interviews

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 13-35-43 NEAR Explorer Transaction

I want to thank you all the team members to help this amazing content happening in an unbelievable record time <3

@Lpky @C0D3 @Asadmusic @Cryptonaut @Rohilyoga @Ewelinayoga @rjtarun @Arija

We are in this journey together









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This is ONLY the july content that we create, please go to our mintbase or youtube to check the full content