[Report] Onboarding of university students and teachers Dec

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay!

We share with you from NEAR Mexico, the amazing onboarding that we have carried out during the 2 weeks of:

Dec 6 - 9
Dec 13 - 16

The program was as follows:

Dec 6-9 - Around 4 talks were organized with students from the Tec Milenio, calling teachers and students, in which we got around 120 attendees, to whom we explained:

  • blockchain
  • web3
  • PoW, PoS
  • NEAR
  • Wallets
  • tokens
  • Main characteristics of NEAR Protocol.

In the end, all attendees were asked to be shown how to create a near wallet, but also a video was shared where the process is recorded.

They had to send the wallet and they had to enter their data in a form where some of the wallets would be selected in the course of the following days with the idea that they would be funded to be able to place a name.

September 13-16. Although wallets were also funded between September 6-9. Most of the process and follow-up of the selected accounts was done during September 13-16 and they were also asked for support to indicate what types of workshops would be of interest to them for possible continuation talks.


  • 140 RSVP
  • 120 Assistans
  • 102 wallets created
  • 20 funded wallets
  • 4 onboarding meetings

** More Details **
On the day of the onboarding, the wallet had an error, so it could not be created at the moment for all the attendees, we had to do it later and it was already a vacation period, so some of the people took 2 weeks to do it (until back to school and end of vacation period) Actually they created in the class in this new period.

Evidence :

Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-25 a la(s) 15.38.38
Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-25 a la(s) 15.38.49

Thanks for the support:


thank you for the awesome organization. 120 is a pretty number congratz!

I hope it will be beneficial for both our ecosystem and attendees.

future is web3, web3 is Near :smirk:


Hello @josedlujan
Great job.
According to the proposal [Closed] Onboarding of university students and teachers
New wallet creation funding and 2 winners(10 dls in nears ). 100
Audiovisual content creation 100
printed material for sharing at the university 100
*We will create Mini (3 NFT)NFT collection to show how is the process and mint like a workshop. 100

Could you please share created audiovisual content for the community?
Also, it would be great to see NFT Collection.


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