[REPORT] Onboarding DAO [January-February]

Hello Partners =)

I love onboarding, so I am here sharing with u all this report from my own experience on the #onboarding-dao

Also, I am happy to make an open call for everyone with Onboarding proposals where only $500 is needed. This could be to help ongoing Projects/Guilds. And remember that one of the big contributions you can make to the Creatives is that from those initiatives you manage to onboard Artists and Creators.

Our goal is to fund 5 projects, but we only funded 4 on the end of January, as we wanted to learn more first and go slowly before giving approvals, seems now a good call as there are some things to improve.

Now we created a Spreadsheet to follow up the Onboarding Projects, and the achievements:

Reports from projects funded:

Tier 1: Outstanding contribution

They found out Teachers from the ART deparment from the “Universidad de Carabobo”, so we look forward for them to onboard those creatives into the community, and we want to learn from that.

Tier 2: What is expected

Tier 3: Need to improve (waiting for videos, pics received, social network expousure?, etc)

Project funded without report → ??? @JohnX


We received 3 reports from 4 approved projects, with a total of 52 new users onboarded, from which 21 are new participants of the NCA program from Near University.

I want to add:

That I will be helping the Onboarding DAO initiative but as a volunteer or as part of my role from the Creatives Moderation Team, but without asking for a reward.

Record from the Onboarding DAO Team right now:

From the Creatives Team:
@chloe → chloe.near → 24 votes casted
@FritzWorm → fritzwagner.near → 6 votes casted

Council Members:
@Symbolik → symbolik.near → 19 votes casted
@NatalieCrue → nataliejcrue.near → 11 votes casted
@zubairansari07 → zubairansari.near → 10 votes casted
@Serhii → mr_free.near → 6 votes casted
@kc_sollano → kcpesce.near → 4 votes casted
@JohnX → freedomandflow.near → 2 votes casted / just to check up, we are looking fwd seeing your report.

Council members interaction

As final topic, partners, we have only $1800 USD to distribute between the team, I do believe that the value generated is great and that we are starting something big, we are doing the first steps so we are learning a lot.

With that being said, will be great to have your reports with the commitments and responsabilities you are taken, so then partners we can discuss the rewards.



Awesome Work So Far By The Projects We Funded.

I must say Francis did splendid contribution which others can look :fire:

Hoping to see more onboarding to great NEAR Ecosystem :tada::star_struck:


My Experience As Onboarding DAO Council :

  • Went through all the proposals in #onboarding-dao tag and left my feedback there & how some of them can do better.

  • Been active in the Onboarding DAO Telegram group.

  • Approved 4 of the best proposals focusing the main objective , Onboarding within the cap of $500 per proposal.

  • Attended a meeting with @FritzWorm chief & @mecsbecs to discuss the payout process for proposals.

  • Have read the reports by projects we funded. Waiting for @JohnX ’s Report .

For the next months, I would be giving my feedback and help proposals to make them strong.

I would like if we can make onboarding dao’s social accounts and post content and updates there about onboarding.

Would love to do this task if all Onboarding DAO Councils agree :pray:

Thanks NEAR Fam! :deciduous_tree::green_heart:


This was the first month of my new experience. I didn’t track my actions and time.
I checked and discussed proposals on the forum, voted on astrodao for the approved proposals, tried to help and onboard new users in telegram groups connected with NearProtocol, checked reports on approved proposals.
I have discussed and consulted some users from RU-Community who want to organize some events and promote the NearProtocol. But while quarantines and politics broke all plans.


Hi all,

I’ve continued to be active in the NEAR ecosystem, building connections, supporting community members and learning. I’ve built a good relationship with the Tamago and NEAR Hub teams. This will help us to be up to date with outreach, gives us informed and interesting contacts for our Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse events and also opens the opportunity to create an Onboarding DAO NEAR Hub Metaverse space in the future. I have maintained connections with Astro DAO and Beat DAO. These contacts and well as connections with NxM DAO and Hype will be sources of information and other resourcess as we reboot both our Spaces and Symbolik on the Blockchain. I have also been build on my knowledge of Defi on NEAR, thanks much to @bonepolice :slight_smile: I’ve also participated in the Onboarding DAO’s operations and helping to step forward in our new direction. As was agreed upon in out Onboarding DAO meeting, I am requesting $300 in NEAR.


My experience as onboarding DAO council:

I was one of the recently appointed council for onboarding DAO alongside with others in which I mostly occupied the onboarding of people individually by using the linkdrop claims that @Paul left for the DAO. Reviewing proposals and participated in private chat deliberation with fellow councils to identify if a certain project/proposal is worth giving it a try, congratulating those who have passed our reviews, participated in voting on our Astro and welcoming people that have joined us. We had a numerous calls, I’ve attended a few and for some that I haven’t, is because of the timezone issue which is later resolved by agreeing to take turns who will wake up at 3am so we can accommodate each others timeslots :smile:

For the next months:
I will be more hands on with giving reviews for the proposals on #onboarding-dao and hopefully to consume the remaining linkdrops to onboard people that can contribute to the ecosystem. Also, to be more engaged with the meetings with my fellow councils.

Thank you guys! :beers:


Congratulations K, I’m positive that you’re the right fit for the job and you’ll do great.


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It’s great to have you onboard the Onboarding DAO. I’m looking forward to us setlling into a rhythm. We have a range of skillsets and plenty of love for NEAR community. I lok forward to helping people onbioard and find the right place for them in the NEAR ecosystem and community!

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