[APPROVED] Grants for projects/events related with onboarding


In December, Onboarding DAO has successfully funded the C1 Guild Onboarding Campaign in Lagos’ universities.
Official report by C1 Guild.

We see huge potential in funding similar projects, related with onboarding new members into the NEAR ecosystem, therefore we would like to set up a granting program for community members and other DAOs/Guilds.
As Onboarding DAO has his own tag on the forum, we will use it to locate all proposals related with funding for onboarding activities. Review will be done by the councils in the fourth week of each month.

Main vision is to fund 5 onboarding projects/events in one month. ($500 per each)

What will guide us in our choice ?

Basically, we will be keen to approve if proposals will have strong onboarding fundamentals like setting up a wallet for new members, educational webinars, projects which will encourage to use NEAR dapps/tools/projects etc.

Requested funds: $2500

@Symbolik @chloe @NatalieCrue

Let’s onboard,
Onboarding DAO Councils.


@adrianseneca :slight_smile: this proposal may be an interesting one for you.
I think we can join forces here.

for ref: [PROPOSAL] Kin DAO Onboarding Funding - #2 by JulianaM


Nice Initiative !!! :100:

@Arturoahs You told me about an educational onboarding project u were developing


Awesome intiative

@brunoqual You were talking about it, heres some interesting option.
@whoiscavenaghi Could arrange the onboard program to BrazilDAO


good morning, where can the projects be applied? right here, or will you still release it for application?

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Please create a proposal in “Creatives” category with “onboarding-dao” tag.


Hey, I’m hoping to explore ways I can help your DAO. We are coordinating local events globally, and I’d assume our goals might overlap.

Any ideas re: how guilds and other kinds of ecosystem participants could integrate your activities with NEAR community events?

Does your team believe it’s worthwhile to support and measure growth / development of related Onboarding DAOs? Why should people join yours?


I would like to help. I recently joined NEAR as EiR with NEAR edu. The NEAR ecosystem is growing rapidly and newcomers (that aren’t developers) face a lot of challenges with NEAR related to grants, proposals and funding and understanding where everything is and how it works. I’m working on a bunch of things for NEAR (see this page) soon. Would be great to chat. I joined Telegram but I would love to see you move to Discord (TG is way too messy)

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I will be really glad to help out in this process of onboarding as there are several strategies I’d like to share with the committee.