[REPORT] Onboarding DAO / December 2021


I would like to share with you some info about Onboarding DAO activities that has occured in DEC-21. Let’s dive a bit in quick overview of our actions!

Symbolik On The Blockchain

Symbolik continues his “SOTB” show, which is being shared every week on TikTok and Instagram. In December alone, more than 3k people have seen his short movies where he is speaking about NEAR, web3 and more.
Check his report for December to get more detailed stats. You are even able to watch his educational content there, as Symbolik has shared links to every episode from December.

AMA Sessions by Onboarding DAO

AMA sessions on Twitter Spaces by Onboarding DAO team are being continued, as a part of new opportunity for various community members to gain some knowledge and awareness about other DAOs, tools, guilds and NEAR itself. The most successful AMA session in December was with AstroDAO team, feel free to check the report to see flyers and screenshots from Twitter Spaces.

C1 Guild Onboarding Campaign in Lagos

At the beginning of December, Onboarding DAO funded C1’s onboarding campaign. The funds went directly to C1’s treasury, please check the payout in our AstroDAO.
We would like to see the report in near future, how the campaign in Lagos went.



Onboarding DAO on Astro:

TG group


Onboarding DAO team is looking forward to grow as a DAO and expand their activities, therefore I would like to ask @creativesdao-council if we can get our own category on the forum ?

We see much value in funding similar projects to C1 Onboarding Campaign.
We would like to use part of our future funds to review and cover some proposals that are connected with onboarding new folks to the NEAR ecosystem and more.

As always, thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing your feedback.

P.S. Onboarding DAO is 3 months old! :partying_face:


Hi @Jephtha can you please submit your report for the month on this thread to update the onboarding DAO? Thank you.


Happy 3 month Anniversary!!! Looking forward to Onboarding DAO expansion and potential collaboration with @marketingdao-council and the other guilds/DAOs in the ecosystem!


Thank you for the report!

Happy to see the results of the busy onboarding!

Is there a TG channel or Discord server for the Onboarding DAO?:slight_smile:


Sure, Telegram: Contact @onboardingdao


Metrics for December , 2021.

For December, we sponsored and went on an excursion to Eye, Lagos State, with a team led by DMF, from Lagos State University. during the excursion, we introduced the C1 Guild to the student, and educated them on the onboarding and minting process. We onboarded a total amount of 58 students, and had near wallets created for them, insisting that the ones who make it to the discord channel gets the near token for wallet activation. Then we explored our minting process with them and the benefits of minting their works on the blockchain with the C1 guild.

The University outreach is setting up its Clubhouse room where we intend to hold sessions for broader audience to give room for more people willing to collaborate and mint their works with us. We are also organising programs to run on twitter as well. These would be effective from the 10th of January.

Total amount spent for December’s project
Donation 11.5 Near
Miscellaneous 9 Near