Report on Educated Tout (Anthology)

Report on the Educated Tout (Anthology) project.

I wish to Express my deepest gratitude to the entire Writers’ Guild, both the council members and DAO members for giving me the avenue to achieve this long standing dream of mine with them.

Dreaming is a lot different from achieving and as a matter of fact, they are miles apart, yet so close, and the only thing that actually makes a dream to become achieved is DARING.

The project was started in April and ended this month.

All 40 poems are original but with references and or allusions but they were all original creative efforts which have been packaged into a readable form and minted on the Writers’ Guild store.

Here is the link

Thank you for your patience, understanding and love.
God bless.



Great job man. Thank you for your creative efforts in achieving this. :+1:t6: