[REPORT] NxM FB/IG November 2021

Hello NxM Fam,

Thanks to business manager, I am able to provide total numbers of engagements on IG along with FB, so let’s see how NxM socials did in November.

Please note that some screenshots may have Polish words, as this is related with location settings.

Facebook Site NOV-21 Engagements

As you can see below, NxM FB site gained a lot of engagement at the beginning of the month, which is connected with my action, where I was sharing Twitter AMA on various music and artists related groups.

Facebook Group NOV-21 Engagements

On FB NxM group we had in total 33 active and engaged ppl. Total number of members increased from 88 to 90, however in the middle of the month one member has left the group…
In total on the NxM FB group, we had 30 posts, 5 comments by members and 30 reactions.

Instagram NOV-21 Engagements

Based to previous report from October, we can see that NxM profile on IG has gained 13 followers in November. Also, for more recognition of NxM activities, highlighted relations have been created. In general, based to second screenshot, we had 141 total engagement on instagram posts.

Overall, it can be seen that NxM socials are growing with variable forward speed.
Looking forward to seeing more events to share!

Request Payout for November- $400 (48N)
Target - crans.near



Awesome report @Paul please do submit this to the DAO for payout :slight_smile: