[REPORT] NxM FB/IG December2021

Hello NxM!

I have quite sad news, as in the last week ago by mistake I’ve deleted Nxm Live account from the admins of NxM page (no one has the access to the page now), therefore I’ve lost access to the detailed stats… However, I’ve sent 3 messages with necessary screenshots to Facebook support in order to recover the access, waiting for their reply, hope it can be repaired.

Overall engagement is moving forward, as I’m not able to provide detailed engagement numbers from NxM page and IG, I’m going to provide what I have based to the report from previous month.

Facebook Group DEC-21 Engagements

FB group has gained 6 new members, soon we’ll reach 100 members.


In December the average of active members decreased by 7 based to previous month, as we had the average of 33 active members in November.

We had 29 posts in total, published by the group members, we can see it’s 6% less than in previous month.

Instagram DEC-21 Engagements

NxM profile on Instagram has gained 20 new followers based to previous month.

Overall, the the engagement on the FB group decreased a little, however on IG increased. News and info about NxM’s events and other friendlies DAOs (BeatDAO, Onboarding DAO) are being shared on both socials.

Hope, that FB Support will resolve the issue with the access to the NxM page and looking forward to seeing more events in 2022!

Request Payout for December- $400 (30N)
Target - crans.near



Thanks @Paul for all the work and I’m sure you will sort out the FB situation, you’ve already messaged them right?!


Yeah @vandal, I did that immediately.


@Paul you can submit this to the DAO bro, we’ll sort all the payouts ASAP


Good news @vandal ! We have new FB page:

When the new page receive more engagements I am going to ask FB to delete the old one, as FB is not keen to give the access back.