[Report] Nomadelabel DAO March Funding Request

[[Report] Nomadelabel DAO March Funding Request]

Council Members:
@blusw wasem_simon.near
@filmesdeinfiltracao .near
@gushlewis manutegus.near
@loveletterexe motolove.near
@pinkalsky pinkalskyy.near
@gabrielfelipejacomel gabrielfelipejacomel.near

*Target: nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near
*Total Requested(for Creative DAO): 2000 USD Transferred 183.5 Ⓝ to wasem_simon.near (5.000 USD)
*Spent: 1900 DAI + 8.125 N(for concil member @gabrielfelipejacomel)
Total 2000 USD - 160 NEAR ( on 24th march 1 = 12.5 USD)
*Founding Left: 23,5 NEAT

Other sources:

Already payed for wasem_simon.near

Requested 300USD(16,6 N) + 10 N = 26,6 N - 8/4/22: 18 USD = 1 NEAR

Total spend: 380 DAI (21 N)
for onboarding job and sending 0.2 Near on nearnames
(spent 2,8 NEAR; payed in advance 7,2 NEAR to continue the onboarding event)

Still left to spend on Screen rental : 100USD in DAI

This Valeu will be used to onboard more people at the physical event:

We also had the support again from Marketing Dao on our proposal below, to create digital presence:

Humans :
Design, copywrite, media manneger - 400 USD - wasem_simon.near
Design, copywrite, strategy - 500 USD - natashacremoneseartista.near
Bounty mannegment - 100 USD - bioplug.near
150 USD bounties for Share, create and learn. (2 acounplished, and 1 in progress)

BUDGET: 1150 Usd in NEAR
Sended : 1100 Usd in NEAR
Left : 50 USD in Near

Already payed for wasem_simon.near

Creatives: 2000 USD in Near
Onboarding : 460 USD in Near
Marketing : 1150 USD in Near

Total Received: 3610 USD in Near

Spend : 3.460 USD in Near

Left : 150 USD in Near - to be used on following proposals.

What we proposed:

Report: What we have accomplished in March:

1- EAT-(Encontro de Arte e Tecnologia) Physical event (sao Paulo Brazil) -


850 USD

2 - Danny D Weirdo - Unabomber(music video)


250 USD

3 - Loveletter.exe - @blablalab on #nomadelabel-dao

target-*bioplug.near - hacked account - now motolove.near

4 - Council work.
Each of our council members received the amount of 100 DAI making a total of 600 USD.

Financial Situations
We choose to convert NEAR to DAI instantly before send to nomadelabel-dao-sputinik, to prevent currency osculation, just gabrielfelipejacomel did submit before we all learn about this process. The unfortunately fact is that Luciana Loveletter had 400 DAI + 2,5 NEAR stolen from her account. Something that makes it dificult to track was that DAI did’nt shows in a clear visualization on wallet.near history transactions.
She took responsibility on the matter and pay they invited artist from her pocket.
Other budget issue was that pinkalskyy got more expenses to realize EAT event, and he also didnt want share de dept,.


EAT present 18 artist related to nomadelabel Store, and around 70 humans went to the event. This modality of Physical Art Events NEAR related is one of our great statements as a group, cause the lack of engagement of Sao Paulo Art scene demands the presencial contact, and now pandemics its over in Brazil, those rituals became a possible outcome for our work as community members.

We got our first founding request of our DAO planned on 2000 USD in N, and probably we work more than what we earn. As a founder of nomadelabel, my goal is to bring sustainability to our “artistic working class”, that we can growl to accomplish more social projects, a vision that we all share in the DAO of considering Art as important part for tranformation, learning and joy

Next Steps:
Keeping founding Physical Events at Sao Paulo city; promote artists and exchanges inside ecosystem; investing in artistic production as a path to make NEAR ecosystem an interesting place to be, as Cereja Azul said in a comment:

But still, one of our goals is also to make onboarding, as we are doing at this time:
[Approved] Public onboarding on the physical event EAT(Encounter of Art And Technology), Nomade Label DAO in São Paulo - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum

Soon we will post the request for April Foundings to creatives

All the best


So proud of all of these! o/

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