[Report] Neko Morning Show - Livestream Funding Request


The NEKO Morning Show has been successfully running since its inception on TikTok. We have grown significantly and are now streaming across five different platforms.
This report presents a summary of the funding we received for the period from June 2020 to July 2020, with the show airing twice a week.


The primary goal of the NEKO Morning Show is to onboard and educate more users to the NEAR Protocol through a live show streamed on multiple platforms simultaneously.

The show’s interactive format, featuring face-to-face interactions and live video feedback, has fostered trust between the hosts and our audience, and created a more engaging and enjoyable experience than just a standard twitter space.

Additionally, we have expanded our outreach and established to be one of top podcast shows on the NEAR Protocol.

Previous Funding and Upgrades:

Thanks to the support from the Marketing DAO, we were able to purchase streaming equipment for one of the hosts (Soos).This improvement created a more professional setup and a better viewership experience that allowed us to explore other social media platforms, expanding our reach to a broader audience without the limitation of TikTok account restrictions and country regulations.

Results and Impact:

For our most recent proposal we received $2500 for equipment & expenses, and held 10 NEKO Morning shows which had a total of 6,070 views with an average of 607 views, and a total of 62,896 impressions with an average of 6,290 Impressions per show across multiple streaming platforms.

For our Morning Show before the Marketing DAO proposal we held 5 NEKO Morning Shows (Blitz Week Morning Show) which had a total of 3,815 total views with an average of 763 views per show on TikTok only with no multi-streaming option and impressions. While we received slightly more views from our previous shows, there was a marathon format and multiple incentives that increased viewership during that time. Since we received funding, our impact has increased noticeably.

The funding we received has had a significant impact on our show’s performance and impact including the quality of our content, and our ability to host high profile influencers from across crypto twitter. With the expansion to multiple streaming platforms, we have witnessed a notable increase in engagement, new followers and stick audience. Although some platforms lack comprehensive data tracking, we have collected substantial metrics on our performance across various channels.


06/20/23: 390 Viewers & (321) Unique viewer
06/22/23: 307 Viewers & (280) Unique viewer
06/27/23: 460 Viewers & (594) Unique viewer
06/29/23: 231 Viewers & (208) Unique viewer
07/04/23: 291 Viewers & (261) Unique viewer
07/06/23: 120 Viewers & (95) Unique viewer
07/11/23: 316 Viewers & (270) Unique viewer
07/13/23: 449 Viewers & (396) Unique viewer
07/18/23: 399 Viewers & (361) Unique viewer
07/20/23: 373 Viewers & (321) Unique viewer


06/20/23: NEKO - First Meme Coin on NEAR Protocol Live Stream - YouTube
(47 Views) & (433) Impressions
06/22/23: NEKO Web3 Morning show - YouTube

(52 Views) & (445) Impressions

06/27/23: Multistreaming with Restream.io - YouTube
(21 views) & (265) Impressions

06/29/23: NEKO Morning Show ---- This Week in Web3 - YouTube
(36 Views) & (770) Impressions

07/04/23: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bc1pfVAt-k
(45 Views) & (365) Impressions

07/06/23: NEKO Web3 Morning Show With (NDC) - YouTube
(37 Views) & (295) Impressions

07/11/23: NEKO Web3 Morning Show With (Jana) - YouTube
(61 Views) (296) Impressions

07/13/23: NEKO Web3 Morning Show With @dearcryptoedu - YouTube
(36 Views) (389) Impressions

07/18/23: NEKO Web3 Morning Show With @dearcryptoedu - YouTube
(35 Views) & (338) Impressions

07/20/23: Pulse of NEAR - YouTube
(64 Views) (536) Impressions

  • Twitter:

06/20/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1671066077336571904?s=20
(302 views) & (1,369) [Impressions]

06/22/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1671792941940244481?s=20

(84 views) & (410) [Impressions]

06/27/23: N/A Data Error.

06/29/23: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1gqxvyorEklJB

(259 views) & (1,663) [Impressions]

07/04/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1676139390631034882?s=20

(119 views) & (914) [Impressions]

07/06/23: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1nAJErYQbygxL

(490 views) & (4,919) [Impressions]

07/11/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1678676300809244672?s=20

(320 views) & (2,668) [Impressions]

07/13/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1679401456561180673?s=20

(344 views) & (2,960) [Impressions]

07/18/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1681212843583229952?s=20
(167 views) & (1,195) [Impressions]

07/20/23: https://twitter.com/goodfortuneNFT/status/1681937926568148992?s=20
(215 views) & (1,191) [Impressions]


Kick/Twitch: has proven to be our weakest platform in terms of viewership and data tracking. As a new platform, it lacks comprehensive tools for data tracking, making it challenging to assess performance accurately. During the period under review, the average views on Kick did not exceed 10 viewers at maximum.

Future Strategy:

Despite the initial difficulties on Kick/Twitch, we remain determined to establish a presence on this platform that is dominated by IRL stream and Gaming.The NEKO Morning Show team is committed to making a name for ourselves and building an audience on Kick/Twitch. We recognize that gaining traction on a new platform takes time, and we are willing to invest efforts and resources to see how far we can go with it.

Alternative Options:

While we remain focused on Kick/Twitch for now, we acknowledge that there are other well-established social media options available, such as Facebook and Instagram. If Kick/Twitch numbers do not improve over time and fail to provide a conducive environment for audience growth, we will explore these alternative platforms to ensure we continue to reach a wider audience effectively.

Please take notes:

  • In the previous data records, the viewership was solely from TikTok, where we conducted back-to-back streams for five days and had longer streaming hours compared to our current approach. However, having a larger viewership on a single platform does not automatically indicate better metrics. The real value we gained from multi-streaming was the ability to extend our reach to other platforms and attract diverse audiences globally

  • Previous data records showed no impressions, but with the Multi-Streaming option, we obtained a significant number of impressions as mentioned earlier on all other platforms. This indicates that we successfully increased our exposure.

  • Impressions are derived solely from the Morning Show podcast link. We engaged our viewers through interactive tasks, leading them to create tweets, NDC SBF and OG screenshot claims, NEAR Protocol-related topics, memes, and more. We utilized hashtags like #NEKOMorningShow #NEARISNOW #NEARISBOS ndc, resulting in numerous engaging tweets and impressions.


  • The funding received for the NEKO Morning Show has been instrumental in enhancing our production quality, expanding our outreach, and fostering greater engagement with our audience.

  • The success of the show is a testament to its positive impact on promoting the NEAR Protocol and educating users about web3 and blockchain technology.

  • With the KPIs we have achieved so far, the newly structured NEKO Morning Show multi-streaming platform demonstrates significant potential for further growth with feature upgrades and expansion.

We are planning to approach the Marketing DAO to request additional funding for another month.

This will allow us to maintain the momentum of our platform and continue our crucial mission of educating newcomers, existing users, and onboarding more individuals to the NEAR Protocol.

We express our gratitude to the Marketing Dao for their support and are committed to continuing our mission of providing valuable content to our viewers and maintaining our position as the top podcast show on the NEAR Protocol.

Thank you for your report/proposal.

Is it a report of your previous funding or funding request proposal ??

Follow these guidelines for proper reporting and proposals and do some edit and changes please. https://gov.near.org/t/announcement-marketing-dao-constellation-ndc-v0-new-proposals-funding-procedures-julys-funding-request/35476

This is a report for our initial Neko morning show proposal, we have followed the proper guidelines. Please refer to the procedure here please @Bakaka. [Announcement] Marketing DAO constellation (NDC v0), new proposals, funding procedures, July's funding request.

We are submitting our report before submitting our proposal shortly, and will link the report in the proposal. It is simply to large to include in the proper upcoming proposal.

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Great, I was confused because i saw a funding request at the end of your title.

Please try to add how much did you received, we are good

Sorry about the confusion, was using the same title from the previous report. We will start using the appropriate month in funding proposal from now on to make things easier to understand!

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It happens, and i appreciate your clarification.

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