[REPORT] Near Turkey December 2022

Hi everyone,

I hereby share the December 2022 report for the Turkish NEAR community.

Previous Proposal: [APPROVED] NEAR Turkey December / January 2023

Previous Report: [REPORT] Near Turkey September 2022

Guild name: NEAR Türkiye

Approved amount December: 2450$

Link to the social media accounts:

Main content:

NEAR articles:

Daily content:

We are continuously sharing daily content with our community.

Telegram news channel: https://t.me/nearhaber

  • Published News in December : 70

Telegram chat Daily support: Telegram: Contact @near_tr

Total users: 7600+

Total Messages: 105000+

Messages in December: 2700+

Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_turkey

  • Posts: 45+
  • Followers 4817 (+448)

Progress Details, 28days summary with change over previous period

Followeraudit Link (Shows real, fake, active and inactive users): I just found that @near_turkey has 2.7% fake followers at @FollowerAudit. Check the result below #followeraudit #fakefollowers

Near Protocol ecosystem updates in video format


Off Topic Nearzombies.io
We will be adding more courses and content on blockchain programming to our platform. Currently we are more focused on building the community. We are aiming to start education in the next few months with the support of the NF.

Off-Topic Shopyverse

As mentioned before, we are working on a Metaverse project named: Shopyverse
The project is self funded and has not received any funding from NEAR or Aurora Foundation yet.

Currently we are creating an open air lecture hall, a place where we will invite our community and hold online meetups in the Shopyverse.

After the community meetup, we will play bowling, drink together, talk about the NEAR ecosystem updates and reward the winners with NEAR.

Thank you for your support! :dizzy: