[REPORT] Near Turkey November/December

Hi guys, in this topic I am going to show you about what we did in November and December for Near Protocol Turkey and shortly sum up the year 2021 and our future plans.

Near Turkey Telegram
It’s really great to see that our Near Turkey Telegram group members are increasing significantly. About +3000 new members joined us and we have about +23K messages!!
More details:


Our most active day in the group is on Thursday 21%, followed by Saturday and Sunday 17%.
Most active hours are between 9am - 12 am UTC → 12pm - 3pm Turkish Time
More details:

Some Telegram News Translations:

Some Telegram community groups and partners where Near articles are shared:

On Monday 20.12.2021 we will have an AMA with Wannaswap in our NEAR Turkey Telegram group. Here is an official post about it from Wannaswap.

Near Turkey Twitter
On Twitter we overreached our expected target with 5000 Followers and have about 5300 Followers currently! All articles which are shared on our website are also automatically shared on Twitter.
Twitter analytics:

Some Tweets from our NEAR Turkey Twitter account, Tegan and CoinNET account.

Near Youtube Video
We’ve created a youtube Video about “How to Stake Near” and shared on a 70K channel on Youtube and also in all our social media accounts.

Some Youtube Video analytics:

Near Articles
All articles are shared on our Website https://www.coin-net.com. Those articles are also shared on our Telegram / Twitter / Instagram Social media accounts. Our editor has created about 6 articles, mixed with organic and sponsored articles:
- CoinNET - Bitcoin Haberleri, Blockchain ve Kripto Para Haberleri
WOO Ağı ve NEAR Vakfı Ortağı, 5 Milyon Dolarlık Token Swapını Tamamladı -
Near Protocol ile Kendi Dünyanızı Yeniden Oluşturun! - CoinNet
NEAR, NFT Tabanlı Oyun Kurması için Inite'ye 50.000 Dolar Hibe Etti!

CoinNET website analytics:

Near Blockchain Academy
This topic is not marketing related, it belongs to NEAR Education but I want to share it with you. I think thats also something interesting to write here. As Turkey DAO our aim is to focus also on Development and Education. For that we have decided to run a Blockchain Academy and give Turkish University students the chance to learn about Blockchain / RUST development and generally more about NEAR Protocol. We reached the target number of 1,000 applications for the event. 1800 applications received. It took 1 hour 44 minutes. Among these 1000 people, students from departments close to computer engineering, mathematics and software have participated.
The event was promoted via social media with “EtkinKampüs” brand representatives.
In addition, the promotions continued by collaborating with the Computer Engineering and IEEE clubs of the Universities. After the event, a promotional e-mail about near.university
was sent to all applications.
A BIG THANK YOU to Esin, Cagatay and Ozan from Near University, Hasan from Turkcell, Güney from Etkinkampus and also Near Turkey DAO council members who helped us planning this Event!

Blockchain Academy analytics:

Blockchain Academy .pdf (3.9 MB)

Near Turkish Developer Group
Last week, We’ve opened a Turkish Developer Group on Telegram. Our aim is to invite more developers to NEAR and give them support. We are redirecting users to Near University Discord channel also if they need technical help and want to participate in Near Certified Partner programs. The reason why I am posting this here is because in our last proposals and reports we mentioned to grow a developer group also in Turkey.


My future plans and short overview about the year 2021
Since March 2021 I am representing Near to Turkey and since 1 month me and my friend @cryptoheitzi are also representing NEAR to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As I am living in Austria I can also speak german perfectly. CoinNET aims to help people understand, get ideas and examine mechanics to successfully present the original coverage and latest news about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the global area. It’s obvious that there is a high potential in the Turkish and German-speaking area for dealing with cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto enthusiasts, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. We think that there is a high potential in the Turkish and German-speaking area for the NEAR ecosystem.

Our main goal for next year is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey, Germany,
Austria and Switzerland. Furthermore our main objectives are as follow:

  • bring content in Turkish and German about NEAR
  • Telegram, Twitter (search: Near Turkey or Near German)
  • Create youtube videos, NFT’s, …
  • focusing on education (e.g. Near University, Events, Blockchain academies)
  • focusing on development (participating in NEAR Grants → we got an approval for next Year)
  • build an ecosystem
  • Heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish and German-speaking

Next Year I am also planning to open a coffee shop in Turkey and hold NEAR Workshops there, drink coffee and learn all together. For that I will need some marketing stuff such as NEAR pens / Near Tshirts / Near banners etc etc…

Thats everything about what I did in the last weeks and also a short overview about the year 2021 and my future plans in 2022. I would really appreciate a feedback about what I can improve and wish you all Happy New Year with a lot of luck and health!
@David_NEAR @jcatnear @satojandro @cryptocredit @mecsbecs @shreyas @marketingdao-council
Thank you all in advance!


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Good evening. Yes, sure feel free to send a new proposal.
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new proposal → [PROPOSAL] Near Turkey January