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Near Positive Vibes report for April 2024.

Community guild name: Near Positive Vibes
User: @supportpositivevibes
Financing scheme: 1 month
Previous Proposal: [APPROVED] Near Positive Vibes March 2024
Previous Reports can be found here:[REPORT] NEAR Positive Vibes Community March 2024

Link to social media accounts:
Chat on telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes
News telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes_news
X(Twitter): https://twitter.com/nearpositive
Medium: https://medium.com/@nearworld2022
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPpCgGxcZnwiWbKqCgijiw
Near Social: Near Social

Highlights of the month
referral: new wallets
Interaction gamification mechanism: X(Twitter), telegram, near social, youtube, wallet txns,community support, daily news.
New partnerships
training and adaptation of developers referral new wallets we invited new participants to the Near ecosystem and allowed them to create new wallets.
planned: 25
Achieved: 29
total transactions Tx: 1163
average number of tx per 30 wallets: 32

Community support
We have an active telegram community and we support it 24/7 days a week. Our tg chat we distribute links to keypom to increase engagement.

Total Messages:2662
Active users:132

Impressions planed:5000
Impressions achieved:15000

Youtube video
planned videos: 2 x 300 views (300 views each)
eated videos: 2 with a total number of views about 600+

TikTok video:


1Develop contest
1creative Contest


All information here:

Next Goals Highlights:
Our goal is to go only forward.
We are focused on growing our Near Positive Vibes community within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. We use various platforms to achieve our goals: telegram, Twitter, YouTube, medium and others
We are a useful resource for users, and we plan to improve the quality of our content, increase the number of partnerships, competitions and events on different platforms to attract new users to the NEAR ecosystem
We have many useful ideas and we must implement them. Only positive. Stay in touch with us on our social networks ^_^.

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Hi @Frederick
I’ve attached the results for Near Positive Vibes in April 2024, after a detailed review of your report.

You can proceed to the next step for the second 50% disbursement of funds, through Astra+ here https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&daoId=nearglobedao.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you! :slight_smile: