[REPORT] Near German Community December 2021

Hi guys,

a month ago @cizi31 and I have started to build a German NEAR community. In the first step we have started to create a community on Telegram and Twitter. Now I am going to show you what we did in December for Near Protocol German and shortly present our future plans.

NEAR German Telegram (Telegram: Contact @Near_German)
We have started from scratch one month ago and now we have already a community on Telegram with about 700 members. Our goal was 500-1,000 members. We had already some discussions about the NEAR ecosystem and its latest news. Also some questions of our members about the ecosystem could be answered successfully.

More details:

NEAR German Twitter (https://twitter.com/NEAR_German)
On Twitter we have also started from scratch and have again reached our goal of 100-250 members. Currently we have 170 members. But I have to highlight that we had about 23,000 Tweet impressions and almost 5,000 profile visits.

Twitter analytics:


We have made some tweets to present the latest news and partnerships within the NEAR protocol. Here are some examples:

Next steps:

  • We want to grow further our German community on Telegram and Twitter. We want to increase the members and followers and we also want to have more activity in our community.
  • Therefore, we are planning to do a quiz in our Telegram group in the middle of January. In the quiz, users can answer questions about the near ecosystem and win NEARs.
  • And we also want to translate some articles of the NEAR ecosystem to German and present these articles to our community. We think it’s important that there is some content in the German language to engage more German people for the NEAR ecosystem.

In the next months we will be doing more and more activities. However, we want to grow sustainably. So we will proceed step by step to achieve our goals.


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  1. Yes, but not too much activities in TG group now. I hope quizzes will help :blush:

  2. Awesome :clap:

  3. Not mentioned in this report.

  4. Yes

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Thanks @cryptoheitzi ! I did check time to time the interaction on the German telegram group, and even flagged some scammers/spammers hehe so … that means the community is getting attention

I can say it with certainty that u partners are building community for the Deustcher, I am very pleased for that, thank you.

Prost! :beers: schönes Near Jahr 2022


Thank you for your feedback @Dacha @FritzWorm

I wish you a good, successful and healthy new year. Prost! :beers: