[Proposal] NEAR Fashion - Onboard the project

NEAR Fashion - first steps to NEAR Fashion DAO

Project members:

Target: manumission.near

Total Requested Funding Amount:

1500 USD = 108 N (price based at the time of posting 13.9 USD)

This project is the start of massive development of the activities about NEAR Fashion. Here we propose to put the seed into the ground. We hope that during this month another clothes designers will join us and we’ll introduce Fashion DAO then.

For the moment we have a fashion designer who will prepare the first collection branded by NEAR, mint it as NFT, deploying the specific store on Mintbase, and these NFTs will mean real things - the unique clothes of limited edition, that will be send to owner of NFT after buying.
Items from NEAR Fashion collections can be bought only through NFT (and only by NEAR. even if the item is presenting somewhere on offline market, the one can buy it after creating near wallet)
Next step - to call 3D-fashion designers who perform 3D-version of the same clothes that can be further used as wearable for metaverse. So for next month we’re going to build the space for holding metaverse fashion shows! -this shows will become a result of every next month of NEAR Fashion.

Details for April collection:
1.items :
1] Collection
male line - pants, hoodie
female line - dresses
each model will be unique, and will be repeated 5 times, so in real life we’ll have 5 same dresses so it will be minted 5 copies of NFT of dress or pants. (20 items totally)
in other words: at least one unique item will be created in each category, which will have 5 print design options, 5 copies of NFT will be minted for each option. so in real life we will have, for example, 5 dresses of the same model in 5 print design variants, also with trousers, etc. and 5 copies of each dress or trousers will be minted.

2] NEAR Fashion drop
item: unisex t-shirts -gifts for NEAR Ecosystem
it will be created new topic where NEAR Fashion drop announced
10 first different DAO members who will come there and set their wish to participate in airdrop, will get NFT of real branded T-shirt and the T-shirt itself that is sending by post (10 items)

  1. design of label(putch)
  2. Photo and video promotion - perform photoset and video report about collection
  3. promotion posts in social media

Final production:

  1. first version of collection of clothes from minimum 5 model clothes - 30 items total minimum
    each model - limited edition and has 5 copies
  2. 1st NEAR Fashion store on Mintbase
  3. minimum 5 NFT - each model is minted as NFT. when buying NFT, the one is buying real thing - the clothes that is sending to new owner by post
  4. designed label(putch)
  5. photo and video content about creation the collection
  6. Gift-airdrop
  7. spread info about NEAR Fashion first collection through Telegram, Instagram, Discord and forum
  8. start bounty for 3D-clothes designer on forum - who can perform 3D-version of the collection (end of month)

Funding details: (price based at the time of posting 13.9 USD)

  1. materials and creation of collection = 700 USD = 50N
  2. deploy a store = 6.5N (90USD)
  3. photoset = 50 USD = 3.5 N
  4. production of video (record, edit) = 100 USD = 7.1 N
  5. design label = 100 USD = 7.1 N
  6. delivery expenses for 10 drops t-shirt = 150 USD = 10.7 N
  7. managing of project, minting NFTs, promotion = 300 USD = 14.3 N

Total: 1500 USD = 108 N (price based at the time of posting 13.9 USD)

Next step of growing the NEAR Fashion initiative - it will be minted NFTs of clothes images with locked content using vault.varda.vision of 3D-version of clothes -the content is unlocking when buying NFT, like a gift to NFT and real thing, concerning to it.


It looks like you start the commercial project (dress shop), which means you will get the profit (sale the NFT and real thing).
Sorry, I didn’t understand why NF needs to support individual businesses. You can use your own funds for your own business.

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Awesome idea! I love it! I am a fashion designer too. I love fashion designing so much, and that’s why ‘Cruella’ is one of my all time favorite movies :popcorn:


I like your comment without a question:)
Firstly, just to mention, that she already has a buisness, and many ideas, and we invite her to create branded t-shirts for GoaDAO that we’re going to gift to speakers whom we call sometimes on meetups , and to winners of NFT competition that we holding.
Here there is an idea to gather community of clothes designers, to invent metaverse fashion show, and to provide NEAR ecosystem with branded collections, so any dao member can choose the model or order from fashion dao.
If to look from another side, you can read above that these clothes are selling only through NFT. so if a designer puts an item to any offline market and someone wish to buy it - he needs to create a wallet.
Finally, when profit will income, it will be invested back to creation new models and items - what’s wrong here?

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Bringing fashion to NEAR seems cool! I’d like to link @Free & @inakes with their new onenone DAO as potential collaborators in the future :slight_smile:


This seems like a great project, would love to see how our visions align in the future & what a collaboration could look like!


happy to meet you here :pray:
soon it will be prepared the post for calling fashion designers through all over the NEAR communities, because to set up Fasion DAO we need more members and councils :slight_smile:
if you have social media channel to connect, i’ll message you there with updates


@adrianseneca thanks for your continuos support to the near community and onenone (@inakes and I @Free). @johanga we are excited to see how the fashion dao is cultivated and the ways that we can collaborate to support each other’s growth.


due to the long process of ordering materials and its transferring we’ve realized that it will take more time to perform all the described steps, so with the team we’ve decided to extend the period of it until the mid of May. when we plan to show gallery with first collection, made post on forum about NFT-drops for DAO’s members, and a post-call for 3d-fashion designers and fashion designers in general for further collections and creating the NEAR Fashion DAO (if we join enough members)
so the report on this project will be in May

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Final production - was done:

  1. Limited Edition Numbered Collection of REAL THINGS which is a collaboration between fashion brand @Manumission and NEAR GoaDAO.
    Manumission makes unique, one-of-a-kind oversized clothing and accessories.
    This Collection consists of 35 pieces each with a unique print. 5 dresses, 5 skirts, 5 women’s shirts, 5 unisex trousers, 15 unisex T-shirts. One universal size for all sizes from XS to XL. No buttons or zips. The clothes are made in black in french terry cotton material and mesh fabric. Each of the 5 garment designs has unique Printed inserts. Each print design will be used again for the 3D version of the metaverse garment (wearable).
    “Enjoy your clothes, which are the only ones in all Universes"

  2. NEAR Fashion store on Mintbase

  1. designed label(putch)
  1. photo and video content about creation of the collection - has been recorded edited and minted = included to every NFT ! for example have a look
  1. Galleries 3XR :



Women’s shirts

Unisex trousers

Unisex T-shirts

for the month of July it’s planned:

and it’s continuing in the Proposal

we’ve faced with difficulties about how to put the price. so waiting for stablecoin on mintbase :slight_smile:

3XR Galleries links:
5 real Dresses gallery

5 real Skirts gallery

15 real T-shirts gallery

5 real Woman’s T-shirts gallery

5 real Trousers gallery

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and folders on Mintbase also waiting

Common 3XR-gallery of the whole Collection :
Limited Edition NFT-Collection of Real Things by manumission.near | CUSTOM 3XR

on Mintbase

minted in 2 copies: 1- that means Real Things transferred to fashionstore.near
second was proposed to buy through a DAO on Astro to transfer this as a treasury of GoaDAO history