[Report] NEAR Developer Bootcamp by Blockchain Academy - 14 to 18 March, 2022

This are the results of the NEAR Developer Bootcamp by Blockdemy


NEAR Team, the purpose of this report is to show you all the activities we did during the bootcamp and what were the objectives we had set for this first collaboration.

Below is a breakdown of each of the objectives and how each of them was achieved.

  • Registered to the event: 280 Blockchain Developer registered

Enable and take the bootcamp to the point where attendees can develop their own project and in turn, reward the best project that completed the entire process.

Projects submitted: These were all the teams that registered and uploaded their project.

Winning Project:

Venta de Inmuebles tokenizados
Git : tokenizar-bienes-inmuebles

Payout request for Blockchain Academy team

first payment: 335 Near
date of this payment: February 22, 2022

payment settlement: 281.01 Near

To know about this proyect and Blockchain Academy team you can go to blockdemy or go to our Discord: Blockchain Academy

Wallet: blockdemy.near

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Congratulations on your Bootcamp.
Could you share Discord invite link. I would like to get this education.