Independently hosted NCD L1 Bootcamp for Latin America by Blockchain Academy MX

Project title:
Blockchain Academy MX hosted NCD Bootcamp for Latin America

Independently run NEAR Certified Developer L1 bootcamp by Blockchain Academy MX

Project NEAR wallet: blockdemy.near

Series: Bring developers and instructors to NEAR University from the Blockchain Academy community

Project members

  • Blockchain Academy (blockdemy.near )
  • Manuel Haro (tuxcan.near)
  • Claudio Cossio (cacossio.near)

Payout month

September 2021

NEAR target account


Project summary

Theme Deliverables Examples
Landing page Landing page for developers to register for the event at Blockchain Awards - Blockchain Academy|

Theme Deliverables Examples
Branding for the bootcamp Generate the design for the event, to share on socialmedia
Theme Deliverables Examples
Instructor and protocol showcase Promotion of the Guilds, instructors and the protocols that will be part of the bootcamp View example below :point_down:
Theme Deliverables Examples
Promotion on socialmedia and newsletter of Blockchain Academy 3-4 weeks previous to the event we start promoting the bootcamp to our community, socialmedia and to newsletter subscribers
Theme Deliverables Examples
Promotion in the Discord Server of Blockchain Academy Create a NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp category in the Discord community to engage with developers Blockchain Academy | Comunidad

OKR’s for the proposal

  • 50 to 100 developers participating in the bootcamp


  • October 25th to 29 2021