[Report] NEAR 01 Course | Research | NEAR in Arabic | Development


I’m currently involved in a few projects related to research , education, and development . Here are some details on the projects and the progress/achievements:


  • Completed and submitted a research paper on Blockchain and IOT that uses NEAR as underlying technology.

NEAR 01 Arabic Course

An introductory course to NEAR and smart contracts in Arabic.

  • Work & Progress :
    • Course is currently live on both Udemy and Youtube

    • 134+ hours watched on Youtube since launch.

    • 7 students rated the course since launch 4.9 star

    • 28+ hours watched on Udemy

NEAR in Arabic & NCD in Arabic

A brand, a website and community that targets educating Arabic-speaking developers on building dApps on NEAR. The main goals are to build courses, articles, communities, and projects for the Arabic-speaking world.

  • Work & Progress :
    • Co-launching NCD Program in Arabic With @hiba and @rasha
    • Held the first NCD orientation to on April 2nd, 7AM GMT
    • We should expand staring from next month as we got a grant for marketing.

Advancing in NEAR

  • Developed online API for creating transactions on NEAR (in-progress)
  • Developed an NFT minting contract + frontend
  • Writing an article on NFT on NEAR


– End of Report