[Report] DiR fellowship - Progress of NEAR in Arabic, and supportig NU community. March 2022

Project title: NEAR in Arabic

One-liner: Development of a platform that serves as an entry point for the Arabic-speaking community.

Project Summary: A new project targets educating developers who speak Arabic language to build DApps on NEAR. The main goals are to build courses, articles, communities, and projects for the Arabic-speaking world.

Project members:
Hiba Machfej
Mohammed Saudi
Rasha Abdulrazzak


March 1 → March 31, 2022

The following items are the results obtained for the team:

  • Launching NCD Program in Arabic.
  • We soft-launched the program and the first NCD orientation to be held on April 2nd, 7AM GMT
  • We Started our marketing campaigns and social media presence [Facebook and Twitter]
  • Developing projects on NEAR in Arabic GitHub.
  • Writing articles and creating educational content.
  • Maintaining and adding more features to the existing website.

Other works:

  • Hosted two main NCDs and delivered the 2 hours orientation session after becoming a NEAR certified Instructor.
  • Designing and working on the presentation for the NCD Orientation.
  • Supporting the NU community.

Hi hiba,
I saw you in NCD on December .
As I know you live in Istanbul.
If you want to workshop in Turkey universities, I could help you to organize.

Also if you want to come, I am inviting you to Near İstanbul meeting.