[REPORT] NADA DAO monthly report - August, 2022

NADA DAO Budget report for August, 2022

Project Name: NADA DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Council Members
@aandz (aandz.near)
@bagadefente (bagadefente.near)
@anacmoura (anacmoura.near)

Current account balance: $0 (we are still waiting August funds)

Astro DAO: nada.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal: [APPROVED] NADA DAO first budget (August, 2022)

August projects reports

  1. The BlockChat (August, 2022) (450 DAI) — Ongoing

  2. “Eyes in Comma” book print and launch (650 DAI) — Waiting for funds

  3. Website update (400 DAI) — Waiting for funds

  4. Onboarding (15 DAI) — Waiting for funds

  5. Mintbase store deploy (35 DAI) — Done using @bagadefente personal funds (to be refunded)

  6. DAO Management - 450 DAI (150 DAI each) — Waiting for funds

Being The BlockChat a project conducted by myself, and that has no external or material costs, I decided to keep the schedule and will finish the project in a few days.

Our Mintbase store was deployed using my own funds, so I was able to mint the NFT made for The BlockChat ep. 7 giveaway. I should mint another until September, 8th.

We already started to create the new website content (texts and layout mockups), as this is a part of our council work, but for the services from the professionals we will onboard, we choose to wait the funds to start.

As you can see, most of our proposals were affected by the non-receipt of funds, but this brought some reflections on how to handle this. We’re sharing those ideias on our September funds request (TBA).

We are happy to see our creative studio starting to build their DAO version, but still not having received the funds has prevented us from accomplishing what we planned to do.

Besides that, our internal work as DAO managers was intense, we made a work breakdown to split functions, demands and commitments, and doing this we realized that things will need to be different from how we first thought, affecting our DAO composition.

Because of these new perceptions, September will be the last month from @anacmoura with us as a council member — at least for a while. Ana is an excellent professional and she will keep providing her essential services to our publications projects, but we need someone with more time to focus on DAO questions than she‘s up to at this moment. And we prefer to use her available time for what we really need: text preparation and proofreading.

We are trying to create new business models, publication processes and distribution/sales methods using blockchain backed technologies, so there’s a huge need to research, study and explore many different things to discover how to do this the best way. And we keep working on our previous started off-chain projects, already trying to bring to the ecosystem the ones that make sense here. The way I see it, we’re not only trying to change the tires with the car running, but also learning how to drive while doing both. And this is REALLY time consuming.

So we’re talking with some people and we will probably bring two more people to replace Ana’s place, both having more “operational” functions: one focused exclusively on Social Media and Community Building/Management; other to work more as a Producer, helping us to solve daily questions related to all the process we’re trying to create and implement.

The former is an essential role in every project nowadays, especially the Community part. And we’re looking for someone that has some familiarity with web3/blockchain an/or editorial worlds — both, if possible. This person will work directly with our Press Office team.

The latter will allow @aandz and I to be able to focus on what really concerns us and our DAO main mission: find ways to make book publishing better for indie/new authors and their readers, using web3 technologies and resources to do that (all this while keep selecting originals, editing, layout and publishing new books).

We should have those new people defined as soon as possible, and when we have it, we will update here.

As we weren’t able to create and start our communication strategies, our numbers are only based on organic actions. We just created a Twitter account and our Instagram wasn’t being used much, as The BlockChat was being advertised on my personal profiles. We started to change that in August, but without strategy and someone dedicated to this, we didn’t have much results.

YouTube: 402 subscriptions (+8) / 754 channel visualizations / 37.9 hours of exhibition time

Twitter: 21 followers (+18) / 477 impressions / 814 profile visits / 11 mentions

Instagram: 764 followers (+29) / 506 accounts interactions, 548 content interactions


  • Find and start to work with our new team members ASAP

  • Have our website updated to reflect this new stage of our studio

  • Create and start to apply a communication strategy with social media, community growth and Press Office

  • Make a few very small print runs of already published and sold out books to start testing printed and NFTs integrations

  • Host a first IRL event to present Near, NADA DAO and NFT minting to local artists, including onboarding and wallet creation

It wasn’t an easy first month, but nobody told us that would be!
Feel free to leave comments, give suggestions or ask anything.

Thank you,