[Report/mpDAO] Cultural Organizations from Medellin work with Meta Pool

We are thrilled to share the activities organized by PLATOHEDRO in Medellin, Colombia throughout the month of March.

[ Report’s introduction ]

Meetup hosted in Barrio comparsa, an organization of Cultura Viva Comunitaria [Live Community Culture] in medellin

At Platohedro, we are thrilled to share our collaboration with Cultura Viva Comunitaria as we explored the fascinating world of Web3 with cultural grassroot communities. As part of our Web3 Wasi program, this project focuses on empowering socio-cultural organizations in Medellín through digital inclusion and emerging technologies. Our commitment to innovation and education drives this initiative, reflecting our dedication to fostering a digitally inclusive city.


The Web3 Wasi program aims to bring cultural and social organizations in Medellín closer to Web3, providing tools and knowledge that enable them to explore and harness its full potential. Our purpose is not only to educate but also to inspire and empower these organizations so that together, we can use these emerging technologies for the benefit of all.

Over the course of five intensive sessions, we provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the decentralized web. We covered fundamental concepts, the process of downloading digital wallets, and making initial transactions. Each session was designed to equip participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Furthermore, we extended our exploration into the decentralized ecosystem by investigating decentralized applications (dApps), which are reshaping online interactions. Through experimenting with existing dApps and envisioning new possibilities, participants were encouraged to expand their understanding and explore the boundless potential of web3.

Moreover, we explored layer two projects such as Optimism and Arbitrum, examining how these initiatives are addressing scalability issues in blockchain technology and paving the way for a more streamlined and accessible future.

This endeavor was made possible through the generous support of Meta Pool. Their sponsorship enabled us to conduct this engaging initiative and delve deeper into the Meta Pool project—an innovative staking platform that not only provides investment opportunities but also empowers users through its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

In summary, these five sessions constituted a journey of exploration, education, and empowerment within the dynamic realm of web3. We remain dedicated to exploring new horizons and contributing to the development of a more decentralized and inclusive future. We extend our gratitude to all involved for their invaluable contributions to this remarkable journey.

2 videos created in spanish for onboarding

segunda sesion https://youtu.be/duJ2V9aPPTU

Tercera sesion de web3 para Cultura Viva Comunitaria

Cuarta sesión de web3 para Cultura Viva Comunitaria

sesión 5 de web 3 para CVC

1 Blog post about [Share the experience ]

Post in spanish to share with others https://platohedro.org/cvc-web3/

The goals we achieved for this proposal

We are happy to announce the following numbers.

  • 24 representatives from Cultura Viva Comunitaria organizations in meetup (IRL)
  • 40 Organizations from Cultura Viva Comunitaria learned about crypto and web 3