[Report] MotionDAO July 2022: Generativity all the way: From Movement Scores, flocking Agents to Smart Contracts

On of the main threads that connects the work of contemporary movement artists to computation and networked systems is the use of movement scores or rules systems to compose in real time; in that sense the use of instructions of prompts and some kind of "cognitive algorithm’ that dancers/movement performers run in realtime while they perform.
At the same time that is the way that thy coordinate their actions in what can be conceived as distributed system; they make decisions that create ‘composition’ as an emergent property of the system.

So, generative systems in creative coding, choreographic scores are deployments of some notion of compositional intelligence. I wonder if we can stretch and create a continuity of generativity in code and choreography to smart contracts.
This July, I was able to create the prototype for CultureBots; I used the fundaments of autonomous agents as depicted by [Craig W. Reynolds in this seminal paper ] (Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters) to animate several iconic cultural images instead of using the geometrically abstracted bots.
I used images of nature, social media brands, pop icons, fire and planet earth, right wing movements in. the US…

Each of these bots will be an NFT in MintBase in and will be presented in Ghent for the conference on Dance and the Blockchain as part of the Tools for Meta-Creations Collection together with SoftSpaces (both collections will be presented as supported by MotionDAO/Near Foundation.

Here is the live app:
It takes 15 secs to load.

Social Generativity

We continued offering the MotionDAO meditation sessions and meeting every Monday creating a generative space for care and decision making. In July, as you can see in all the reports there were many encounters, project presentations and new synergies. I think than a very important attractor was the planning of the encounter at Documenta Fifteen in Kassel.

It was my role to allow self-organization and trust in all the efforts would create the best outcome.

In a way, the process is very similar to the improvisation; yo create space for others to move and follow the score or/and sense the emerging under-score.

We were nervous about if we ere going to be able to meet in Kassel and needed to trust even more because the July funding was delayed and all the members actually…stretched, asked for loans and self support to make the encounter happen. Some other postponed the activities.

Thank to the CreativesDAO for all the support has coalesced for almost a year. You have helped us to create the condition for collaboration and care

After a year of networked adventures we finally have our site; it was done collaboratively and all MotionDAO can add card and what they consider relevant.


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