[Proposal] MotionDAO AIR in Brussels, JS SDK and stillness for dancers

Target wallet: unstablelandscape.near

Total request fund: 1800 $ USD

1.-Research/Sharing (R&D) in Brussels

September I will be Artist in Residency at TicTac Art Centre in Brussels, Belgium (Sept 5th to October 8th). This center, through a selected program of activities and guest artists, aims to support contemporary dance, dance improvisation, and visual arts.

I will be sharing my research with more than 50 dance artists from all over the world that are taking the dance improvisation intensive.

-Teaching mindfulness meditation 5 times a week.

-Research the dance and technology environment/community in Brussels in relation to MotionDAO.

-Artists talk about MotionDAO/Near and dance and the blockchain.

-Distributing stickers about MotionDAO and with Near wallet creation and NFT (workshop is to be programmed towards the end of the month).

400 in USD

2.-Software Development and generative Art: Tools for Metacreation as DAAPs on Near

I have been developing generative work on P5.js and canvas in JS., it is time to integrate with NEAR as a developer.

Develop MVP and prototypesof generative systems as Daps created in Javascript with recently released JS SDK on Near.

I would love to integrate the generative Tools for Metacreation developing a functional front end that uses near wallets for authentication, NFT creation with exported images (using Mintbase API). This would be a very direct integration as a creative developer with blockchain development in Near.
Explore prototypes for MotionDAO.
I will be integrating this knowledge and tools in my art and technology courses.

800 in USD

3.-Community development:

Leadership, members follow up, and administration of MotionDAO
Facilitating sessions, proposals, onboarding, etc.

600 in USD

What if these images would be NFTs directly minted from the generative tool that created it?

Target wallet: unstablelandscape.near
Residency in Brussels 400 USD
Development with JS SDK 800 USD
MotionDAO ADmin 600 USD

Total request fund: 1800 $ USD

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