[Report]MotionDAO January 2022 Report

How like a body?

January 2020 was a month of lots of conversations, direct inquiries about governance, leadership, ownership and trying to understand the complexities of a DAO that inhabits many different contexts.
We are very happy that three of our members were selected to participate in the Kernel Block5: Reyna (Venezuela) , Marlon (USA) and Jeanne (France).
I have been dedicating time to explore development in Near and I was able to connect to Near with a Voting app made in React. I have attended two sessions of the Near certification Development.
We decided to apply for funds for February as a guild and define our project for a grant application as a tier 2 in March 2022.
We will be creating Nodes connected to location that can host and define their context specific needs: MotionDAO/Colombia Node, for example.
The funds for onboarding are been distributed to support all DAO members efforts for onboarding new members to MotionDAO/dance-tech.net.
I went through the KYC process.
We are in conversations about the relationship of MotionDAO and dance-tech.net and movimiento.org; lots to think about.
We have now council of 6 members: Jeanne, Mariana, Reyna, Marlon, Sammy and Stef.

I am very happy to see the emergence of fertile lines of research and coalitions.
The importance of embodied practices as a way of care for each other is central.
Conversations with possible partners: Jacobs Pillow Festival, Pulse in Europe, classes at York University in Toronto, Connecticut College, etc.
In all the planned session Near Wallets are issued and Near is used a space for investigation.

Here is the collaborative report of process and activities:

Alexander (Colombia/Medellín/Platohedro)


  • Exploration on: (or loss money hehehe)

Trisolaris.oi https://www.trisolaris.io/

Ref. finance Ref Finance

Meta pool https://metapool.app/

Skyward.finance https://app.skyward.finance/

**At february we ‘ll make the tutorial in february about this dApps

  • Attendance in NCA
  • Applications for Medialab Matadero-Madrid

Made a VIdeo: MotionDAO.mp4 - Google Drive

  • Attendance Motions DAO Meeting January 8, 9, 16 y 23


Created overview framework for “Re-envision Digital Economy: Mini Symposium intersection of art, technology and embodied intelligence in the Blockchain”

Shared the updated overview and development idea with the DAO meeting 01/23

Continuing on documentation and archival of notes on Notion.

Applied for funding “Arts Impact” through BC Arts Council in Canada for future creative research support.

Artist-in-residence in NKK Dance Centre in Cambodia researching on dance, rituals and spirituality from 01/16 - 02/14


Stef Meul (CV)

I would like to apply for funds to gradually invite artists to join our residency program, for joining our rez-gauche.sputnik-dao.near and/or our mintbase store, to overcome the current payment barrier for non-funded and non-commercial artists to join our self-organized project, develop research and artwork at our atelier, present in our gallery, publish through mintbase, website, social media - and engage in self-organization of our project through our dao. Additional info for our participants will be provided to persons that are new to working with the NEAR ecosystem and the intent is to develop an economy of solidarity between the participants and stakeholders involved in the realization of our roadmap.

Budget request:

815 USD per month for starting phase.

Minimum working costs per year = 9780 USD
Details https://rezgauche.be/numbers/.


  • Awarded Kernel Community fellowship

  • Beaux-Arts de Paris: wrote the proposal for 3 working meetings/OST inviting economists, artists, scientists and Motion Dao members to discuss dynamic energy budget for art creation and value based TE at the benefit of art and society.

  • Madrid Medialab, led the application in collaboration with Mariana and in the name of Motion DAO

  • Participated to 2 embodiment sessions with Reyna: breakthrough experience. Her approach is central, efficient and fits organizations expectations. It highlights the value of movement practitioners and what they can bring to society in addition to performance creation.

  • Created MotionDAO Discord working groups

  • Met CND (Centre National de la Danse) research dptmt and presented MotionDAO/NEAR.

  • Met Head of Cultural organization studies at CNAM (French academic organization) and presented MotionDAO/NEAR.

  • 2 sessions with German dance producer (Sarah Israel) about Motion DAO and NEAR and hopefully she will join us, she would be a great fit.

  • Next steps:

    • Develop internal MotionDAO collaborations (NFTs working group, Applications bureau, NEAR literacy….)
    • Kernel and MotionDAO (intense)
    • Develop an economic model of art creation (in relation to the above)
    • Follow up with January projects


  • Attendance Motion DAO Meeting January 8, 9, 16, 23 y 30
  • Support set up a Zoom meeting January 23.
  • Became New Council Member
  • Research Embodied Intelligence framework applied to Blockchain, DAO process ::
    • Short embodied sessions test as support for project and application process:
  • Jeanne: (Media Lab, Dynamic Budget) :
  • Than you Jeanne for the testimonial: ““It was simple but life changing”
  • “breakthrough experience. Her approach is central, efficient and fits organizations expectations. It highlights the value of movement practitioners and what they can bring to society in addition to performance creation.”
  • Exchange NEAR to Bolivares
  • Kernel learning.

Extended research on Meta-Design (Design-Being, Embodied Design & Patterns + Structural Coupling. Still to present! Working on an interactive embodied session on Mural.

Thoughts / Proposal / Questions (after last Sunday): Meta-Hub (everything is Meta! :wink: What is Transaction? No transaction Means of Exchange? Alternative DAO organizing Soft / Hard bookkeeping. + What help? - What doesn’t help?



research on “forest stillness”

Investigating how to relate and interconnect stillness as a form of movement, in absence, through the blockchain, within the near ecosystem, with concepts of productivity in nature and the environment.

Design a presentation to explain the research in the group in the framework of MotionDAO Labs:

And a presentation as a co-working platform to investigate the possibility of collaborative development of the project and ways to present it in public spaces:

Both ones will be scheduled in the context of the next MotionDAO sessions.

near.org wallet and mintbase

practices on staking, transferring, mint( gif, mp4 ) and process documentation.

aplicación medialab


MotionDAO Process Documentation

Updating, mapping and visualization on the Miro dashboard collecting from all platforms used by the Group.

Reorganization of the Miro dashboard with new pages according to categories.


Proposal for a Solidarity-fund.

Contacting dance-tech.net / Montevideo fellows:

possible presentation of MotionDAO to create a hub-Montevideo.


Enlivening Value Flows

Enlivening Theory applied to Social Change provides us with clues how we can connect MotionDAO research themes Embodied Intelligence, Dynamic Energy Budget and “Energetic upgrade” to the TE Academy course Ecosystem Value Flows. The interweaving of these themes into a MotionDAO offering for the ecosystem members in NEAR, TEC, Kernel. Will be focus of our participation in the Kernel program.

Proposal February
Lab #forest stillness
Synthesize forest stillness and ballet rising into potential MotionDAO project raising awareness and funds campaign for children wellbeing. Explore synergies with the energetic process body of work.
Europe applications


CND, emare, Stepping-Out, Capital Cultural Fund-Berlin.

Unicef application

Connecting near ecosystems with arts places in the real world, receiving grants and recognition from the art world, allowing live interaction with people:

Performance arts integrating / acting in near ecosystem

MotionDAO Hub- Montevideo

connecting dance-tech members

Moving miro board

to a Project-manager platform to allow multidimensionality, follow threads and projects.

Bridging to Kernel Community

Create a knowledge hub in Notion that we can use to reflect on the learning, resources, and progress we make in Kernel Block 5 with all of MotionDAO.

Energetic Process

Develop synthesis of MotionDAO research themes Embodied Intelligence, Dynamic Energy Budget and “Energetic upgrade” to the TE Academy course Ecosystem Value Flows.


Ready to make meaningful art for our DAO

Ready to question and answer what an NFT is and more importantly its Value.

Ready to start a Hub based in Brooklyn.

Ready to collaborate with my DAO peers

Ready to groove on the complicated dance of colonialism, privilege and inequality.

Ready to activate change.

Ready to never settle.


  • Became a council member.

  • Interested in exploring the Astro DAO workflows and creating guides, also helping report bugs.

  • Started a spreadsheet to track the MotionDAO activity. The goal is to have a level of detail richer than what the UI shows, but in a more friendly to read format than the block explorer.

  • Going through NEAR documentation and tutorial sites (wiki.near.org, examples.near.org, learnnear.club, near.academy, near.university, learn.figment.io, encode.club) also with the goal of creating guides or identifying existing ones that can be of interest for the group.

A jewel from the dance-tech.tv archives


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