[APPROVED] Motion DAO proposal January 2022: Equal Incentives, Cooperation and Network Effects

Happy New Year!
In the last months we have stablished the ground work to build a solid foundation as a collaborative collective with 10 international members and defined the ethics and the actual value flows. We have developed a common language, knowledge base and understanding what is necessary to lead this process. We are moving towards a more horizontal framework of governance and more participation in the definitions of MotionDAO goals. All members are investigating the intersection of their practice with the Near WEB3 ecosystem. Intra group collaborations have emerged and and self organized encounters are generative. We continue to explore the important aspects of cooperatives and DAOs.
This month we are expanding and engaging with the dance-tech member as the platform with clear boundaries and equally incentivizing MotionDAO members.
100 New wallets: Dance-tech.net MotionDAO/How like a network!
This month we are focussing on the envisioned network effects of inviting other members of the dance-tech digital network to a clear onboarding process where they will create Near Wallets and place their waller ID in their dance-tech.net. Members of the MotionDAO will coach, create media and facilitate this process.
The new wallet users will be invited to attend and participate in MotionDAO weekly sessions.
We are establishing to meet once a week and have sessions that are assemblies and other sessions more focused on presentations about relevant topics. Any of the actual DAO members can organize locally or online global sessions and engage the dance-tech.net member pool. The will use dance-tech.net for documentation and invitation.
We are requesting 2500$ for new wallet incentives (Onboarding).
127.16 N
Exchange rate: 19.66$ per N
January 15 2022 12:43 EST

Equal Incentives for MotionDAO Members as BUI for January 2021
Jeanne (France), Stef (Belgium), Alexander (Colombia), Mariana (Germany/Uruguay),
Reyna (Venezuela), Casey (Holland), Victor (USA), Sammy (Canada), Lenara (Germany/Brazil), Sebnem (Germany) and Marlon (USA) are MotionDAO.
All MotionDAO members are participating creating interesting projects and contributing to the goals in unique and cooperative ways.

We would like the support to distribute 2500$ among 11 members in equal amounts.
This would be our first month with a full on horizontal structure and allowing the process to generate and make clear the co-emergence of initiatives and ownership.
From this amount all MotionDAO member will save back to the DAO the 2 Nears to support the infrastructure and create a common funds.
2500$ for MotionDAO
127.16 N
Exchange rate: 19.66$ per N
January 15 2022 12:43 EST
Total requested:
254.32 N


The work of Elinor Ostrom have been inspiring and orienting:

Cooperative Principles:


On Platform Cooperativism


Magnifique! Clear and inspiring program, so glad to be part of it :slight_smile:

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it is wonderful to live and share this process of catalyzing and growing of MotionDAO
I am so grateful to be able to be a part of it! :green_heart: amazing to expand the this network in multiple directions

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hello team, happy to say it’s approved.

Please ask 248 in our astrodao ! (NEAR price $20.16, 23:13 utc+0 time)

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I am very happy with this process, Naturally it is grow up, like the seeds in the graund, now we can see the first plants germinando, Now in this 2022 we can invite more people and continue trhe educación and exploration, and may be a big festival cripto dance, hehehehe. sorry , my mind is unstoped.
NEAR is growing and Motion DAO has a big potencial and support in a huge community and viceversa

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hello all, here is the January 2021 report!
Thank you!

We are requesting some of the allocated funding for onboarding and network effects.

I will be supporting the kickstarting of HubMotionBR together with @tatirosa

The funds will be used in this way:

  • onboarding of 10 members - 20 NEAR
  • deployment of Mintbase and Neardrop contracts plus initial funding of HubMotionBR wallet: 18 NEAR (this is done only once and then can be used for onboarding through the life of the project)

total: 38 NEAR