MotionDAO February Report 2022

MotionDAO expanded presence…
We are presenting this collaborative report.
@marlonbarriossolano Kernel Block5 Fellow
February 2022 has been a very fertile and expansive month for MotionDAO: three of our members are participating as international fellows at the [Kernel Block5.] and we are proudly supporting their involvement and participation thanks to the Near Guild Program. (Kernel Community | Kernel)
We have also started the ground work for the establishment of MotionDAO nodes in Medellin (Colombia) and Brussels (Belgium)
The the work with @solsista has deepen our commitment, our knowledge base and a better understanding with our value flows.
@lenara and @solsista are Kernel alumnae. @solsista is @marlonbarriossolano guide at Kernel.
The work of @TheQueen and @JeanneB is also in constant interaction with EC 0mega Working Group.
@stefmeul has been collaborating with Token Engineering Commons Consilience Library.
We have stablished connection with possible development partners for the [web3 social media platform to be built in Near ( developed during the last Near Metabuild Hackathon).

@JeanneB (KB Fellow)

  • Participation to intensive Kernel program (workshops, confs…)
  • Art Research as an inspiration for sustainable technologies:

Developed and presented the DEB for Art Creation project (Dynamic Energy Budget), a “biomimetic” inspiration for art-science economic framework and an inspiration for any token based project for the circular economy/

  • at Kernel-community

  • TEC 0mega Working Group

  • Focus now is to research about relational economy, process based value creation, energy value flow to help TE create a token truly connected to sustainability.

  • Mention NEAR and Motion DAO during interview with BCG Europe on AI and Artists (Decolonizing AI)

  • Writing a proposal to create a side event for MotionDAO/NEAR during the Paris Blockchain Week (7-14 April 22)

@solsista KB5 Guide for MotionDAO

  • System model description: sorted through value network potential of existing dance-tech social networks and the hubs that are forming, which we collectively mapped in two sessions, and in sparring with Marlon. $Motion token can be bought and staked to participate in MotionDAO for the decentralized production and distribution of a performance art projects. Token holders will be able to make use of the MotionDAO Tech Stack as well as the decentralized production process established by the nodes (Discount Token Model, original paper). MotionDAO participants contributing to the process through the nodes (irl & virtual) earn $Motion token, which entitles holders to revenue share from the distributed exhibitions and shows both IRL and virtual (Revenue Sharing Token Model, examples 1, 2, overview) . Based on this system model, the specification, the roadmap and tokenomics can now be developed.

  • @marlonbarriossolano will continue to specify the token mechanisms, specifically how contributions fill the reserve of a $Motion Smart Treasury. To demonstrate this we will turn first my contributions and the requested fund for February of 500 $ in NEAR into MOTION tokens. This is a process then that can be used to mint MOTION tokens according to value created, rewarding early contributors and adopters.

  • Together with @JeanneB started an experiment with using Dynamic Energy Budget to model and capture value flows for self-organization in a group setting. The experiment focuses on participants locating their “whole self” within self-organization. In combination with Reyna’s Design Being contribution, we can create an embodied practice that enlivens relationships in collaboration. This will be established as part of MotionDAO Tech Stack’s “Token Model tile”, “DAO Tooling tile”, and “Embodied Practices tile” in Design & Development Practice. This will be an ongoing effort in the coming months.


@stefmeul MotionDAO.Rezgauche@Near (Brussels)

requested fund for February: 700 $

  • defined procedure for invitation of residency wildcards onboarding

  • contacted artists:
    Sadrie Alves > orientation session done, onboarding in process.
    Castelie Yalombo Castélie Yalombo - workspacebrussels > orientation session in process.

  • expressed intent to share half of 700 $ February fund for hub with MotionDao member Victor Morales for setting up another hub in New York.

  • attended motionDAO meetings, contributed to sessions led by Sebnem for developing Stock to Flow model:

  • Added Icons and artworks from Rezgauche designs for Token Engineering Commons Consilience Library to Mintbase (7 pages/ floors & more artworks in progress)

  • Launched open call for Rezgauche residency program on largest flemish belgium site for official art projects: Ga op residentie bij REZGAUCHE | Kunstenpunt

  • Listed residency program on artconnect: Rezgauche Residency | ArtConnect

  • Started translation of website in French and Dutch for non English speaking persons.

  • Developing in context of a course on project management:

  • MotionDAO mapping of network (members, location, project, articles, …) ​​Kumu

  • sourced our data from MotionDAO telegram and zoom for purpose of gathering and structuring our network information flow motiondao urls - Google Sheets

  • contributed to the Dynamic Energy Budget:

  • AWAITING confirmation of february fund from MotionDao before engaging more artists into the residency wildcards program. and looking forward to apply for a 12 months fund that will make it possible to build consistently on our purpose
  • received 11 nears from January fund that will be used for onboarding in the context of residency wildcards.
  • started brainstorm on research project ‘Incellium’
    Focus on use value of artistic projects and human to human relation, beyond reductions of screen time interactions. ‘does web3 mean that sending a message to your grandchildren will cost you social credits (if you don’t) ?’ <> the medium is the message > the asset is the medium
    i.e. is communication a private/public good or part of our common toolset of culture?


  • completed an artist-in-residency for spiritual dance research project “We Were One” at the NKK Dance Centre in Cambodia
  • Investigated the questions on ritualization in movement and spirituality in transcultural, transhistorical and transdisciplinary context.
  • Created VR Dance Film, released with RUBY SINGH’s BIPOC acapella music group VOX.INFOLD. Filmed in an iconic ancient temple in Cambodia (Ta Prohm) processed in new media software Isadora RUBY SINGH - CODES OF THE FALLEN : S.O.S. | VOX.INFOLD | 360 VR | 2022 - YouTube
  • Inspired by our member Victor’s suggestion on using mobile applications to scan physical space into 3D objects, embarked this method to integrate into this current research project with 3D scans of the ancient temples in Angkor Wat during a very rare time of extremely low tourist traffic due to the pandemic.
  • Began thinking about the potentials of the VR dance film/music video and the rare 3D scanning data in relation to our developments of re-envisioning creative digital economy. Potentials of creating NFTs for these creative materials and outcomes.

@TheQueen (KB Fellow)

  • Attending/Participating actively in the very intense Kernel educational building program.
  • Attended Motion DAO meetings, journaling through and feeding into Discord and Telegram channels

Journaling through Kernel.

Second Week:

Best to describe how I feel, like a bird perched on a branch of a tree, looking, looking, observing, like the feminine principle, containing. I see many birds flying, many inspiring potentialities, consciousness flooded with new ideas and possibilities, very exciting but also, quite confusing, needed to focus, directing the field of vision and activity, try not to be overwhelmed by potentialities, yet enjoying the lightness of feelings and new encounters, after many years of frustration, darkness, preparation and solitude. I Felt I was preparing, building for this. Now moving towards expressing a subtle body with endless “kaleidoscopes of imaginations”.

  • Designing/Developing/Presenting project for Kernel Adventure.

  • Offered Facilitation Mini sessions for resourcing and mapping the process of the Motion DAO, from the embodied intelligence method.

  • Offered Facilitation Mini sessions for Kernel Community

  • “Taking the chance and the Momentum created by the amazing fireside talk with Douglas Rushkoff; Awareness! Being! Do less! Buy less! Etc. I feel called to offer the Hybrid (Phygital) model for Embodied Intelligence informed Co-Design and Systems Being, A model that helps resource with awareness and safeness and: 1.- assess, 2.- adapt and 3.- apply. I would love to offer this to anyone who is willing to try a mini-session that will help also the user/case study for my Adventure and, firstly, assess the deep state of any issue, project, situation. I am specialized in embodied intelligence and co-design. Collaborating with Motion DAO. I’m bringing forward the concept of “Design Being” as, design is one of the human activities that has to shift perspectives. I offer a design approach from the Being the design perspective. Feel free also to reach out.


Looking forward to:

  • Continue collaboration/contribution with @solsista for the TEC#0mega and MotionDAO Tech Stack’s “Token Model tile” and Jeanne for DEB for Art Creation project (Dynamic Energy Budget)
  • Connecting embodied intelligence model/tool to wearable, bio and neuro tech (ongoing)
  • Looking to relocate.


Keeping an eye on the Ball, or trying to…. I am refocusing on the production of VR, applying for grants and finishing up preproduction of my Project Rapid Transit0. The idea is that it will become an asset of MotionDao that maybe a source for NFTing and for educational/workshop possibilities in the future.

Rapid Transit is an ambitious VR project about the future of New York as a city affected by Global Warming. An experience that starts on a future Subway in the year 2055 where new and old stories are told in this perfect medium for a latinFuturismo metaJoint.

Interesting Fireside chats @ kernel

The Token Communities Guild

From Value flows sessions with @solsista