[Report] Monthly Telegram Report (November)

Previous month’s report can be seen here

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Combot Monthly Statistics

Top Members of the Month

Compare to September

Total members 33.4K >>>>>> 35.8K
Total posts 184.3K >>>>> 218.6K
Viewing members 6.8K >>>>>>> 5.1K
Posting members 838 >>>>>>> 493

October was calmer than September as can be observed on statatistics.
There was a couple of bot attacks between 18th and 21st. And over 40k bots were banned from the chat. We used underattack mode time to time during the attack. We have no clue who is doing this and what is the purpose of this nonsense.
We can see stable growth on the member count and total posts. There are no serious issues overall.

This month we were mostly busy onboarding new community moderators with @jcatnear @Benz_Near @stanisnear and keep welcoming and hugging every new community member who visits our channel. I was busy planning and running 2nd batch of AMA’s on other communities. They are completed successfully will post the report soon.

for December we have many events like:quizes, treasure hunts, will host AMA’s on our telegram. It’s going to be a busy month (it already is)
but thanks to new Community Moderators we are able to focus on such events better.


  • We miss blue tick (verification batch) on our channel, can we speed up the process please @JMaenen ?
  • hello@near.org is not receiving mails. (delivery failure error) can we fix it or update it on the homepage near.org
    thank you

I want to welcome our new Community Moderators to the team! :clap:

@Kv9990 @LarryLang @Kemal @mukuls9971 @jiten123321 @6cezer @Jloc @GeorgePro1


Thank you so much for the warm welcome! :pray: :heart:


Thanks for accepting us to this grate community


Great job telegram community members and I want to say congrats to all new moderators. Also I have been following your December quiz it’s quite interesting too.
You omitted your monthly rewards from your November report or are there no lucky community members who contributed to your community throughout November? Shouldn’t they be rewarded?
Because I saw some rewards for October, how do you intend to encourage your community members for November?


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Thank you for the warm welcome, Yunus. :white_heart:
It’s a pleasure to work with you guys! :pray:

Let’s BUIDL things up together! :mechanical_arm:


It was a great month. Congratulations to the new moderators. The reports shows good engagement and better things hoped for.


Hey Thanks @KriptoRaptor :star_struck:

Now on my 3rd week working with all of you guys, will be nice to know when I will be officialy accepted on the team @jcatnear

Second week report

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thank you all! :wink: good team mates

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