[Report] Monthly Report KalakendraDAO Jun 2022

Hello NEAR fam,

DAO Name: KalakendraDAO

Project status: In progress

Report duration: June 2022



June was months of Collaboration, Kalakendra DAO has attended 2 IRL Events in onboarding web2 people to NEAR Space. itItas a spectacular Milestone in Inviting Web3 Communities into NEAR from Polygon and Solana. out of which Web3 Thamzhia DAO is one. Invited to NEAR Chain from Binance. Also, we will be incubating the Web3 Thamizha DAO Through KalakendraDAO for July

Activities in June:

1. Supporting Indian Artists through Naksh:
Naksh is an Indian MArketplaces with Curated 1/1 Artist, KalakendraDAO Supported in buying NFts from Different artists to Show Support to Indian Artists

we have bought 15NFTs from 15 different artists.

Artist Artwork Link Price (NEAR) Remark
1 Shiva Prasad Naksh Marketplace 10 Done
2 Nikhil Naksh Marketplace 20 Done
3 Rajni Naksh Marketplace 15 Done
4 Chetan https://naksh.org/nftdetails/8732d3-e8bc-6735-7c54-b12ab3c5a66 11 Done
5 Anuradha Naksh Marketplace 23 Done
6 Sumangala Naksh Marketplace 30 Done
7 Archana G Naksh Marketplace 48 Done
8 Rudragowda Naksh Marketplace 50 Done
9 deepak Naksh Marketplace 35 Done
10 Prasanna Naksh Marketplace 35 Done
11 Arpitha Naksh Marketplace 20 Done
12 Kanchan Naksh Marketplace 30 Done
13 Chetan Naksh Marketplace 7 Done
14 Archana T Naksh Marketplace 30 Done
15 Abhrodeep Naksh Marketplace 33 Done

Total 397 NEAR Spent.

All These NFTS are Listed On the Auction Platform on KalakendraDAO Profile

2. Incubating and Onboarding IIMG ( Indian Indie Music Guild) KalakendraDAO

Pls, Find the Report Above.

  1. Blogs for KalakendraDAO.org

It was Quite a Delay initiative from KalakendraDAO, As we received funds with a little delay this month, we have kickstarted this initiative late. A Bounty has been made to the Community to write Blogs for Kalakendra DAO

Also, We have Started Attending Web3 IRL in Chennai, Which is Opening a Gate to New Possibilities for People Onboarding into the NEAR protocol


For June

No.of members onboarded: 50+

No.of NFTs minted on KalakendraDAO store: 19+

No of DAOs Incubated - 1


  • Attended Twitter Spaces for onboarding web3 Thamizha and Bringback bees Community to NEAR Protocol
  • Attended 2 Plus IRL Web3 Events representing Kalakendra DAO
  • Curating and helping Onboarding Milkyway Infinity Metaverse Gaming/NFT Project onto NEAR Through Kalakendra DAO

Thanks for your support, Creatives Fam!

We are looking forward to a great July month.