[REPORT] Monthly Report - Garden Collective DAO - MAY 2022

Project Name: Garden Collective DAO - May Report

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Our May funding request can be seen here.

Council members:

33.45 NEAR & 808 DAI

Astrodao: garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near


After some unexpected delays in April and the drop in the NEAR value, which forced us to dig into the DAO buffer, Garden Collective DAO has had a very productive second half of May and things have really pushed into full swing for us as a DAO this month. We had a successful event in Zirkus Mond which included our first experimentation with NFT ticketing, one completed residency, another nearing completion, several new NFTs in our mintbase, onboarded several new artists and have laid the foundations for some very exciting projects in the coming months.

Here is a report on the current and completed activities of the DAO:


This month, the onboarding process became a lot more streamlined for the artists we onboarded, thanks to our new Neardrop account. It really makes the process a whole lot easier, especially for people new to the space to get their grips on the basics.

The following creatives were onboarded, each with a one to one session for wallet creation, forum explanation and also exchange options and astrodao use:

Patriciai.near - Art Director & Photographer

Pauloedson.near - Musician

Tilly.near - Artist and art educator

Desousa.near - Experimental graphic artist

Abiakarim.near - Photographer and performer

Just_diarmuid.near - Videographer

Projects completed

1. Sowing Seeds residency


Project completed and all NFTs minted in the mintbase store. This included a workshop to teach Maria how to mint in our store, after which she minted the rest of the pieces herself.

Tilly is well into the creation of her series and will have the final pieces ready to scan for minting in the next week or so, Tilly has also been fully onboarded… Update from her in the forum post!

For the month of June, we have invited Portuguese artist Bárbara de Sousa, who is new to the ecosystem and enthusiastic to get experimenting with her visual art in the web3 world. Bárbara has already been onboarded to the forum and set up with a wallet.

2. AV coverage of Zirkus Mond event:


The video is in production after a slight delay, but the photography has been edited, received and 3 NFTs have been minted on our mintbase store to celebrate the event.

Payouts for photography already made, videographer has been onboarded already and is finalising the video (just_diarmuid.near)

3. Garden logo animation


This was a new exciting Open Call we put out to animators to take our ‘Garden’ logo and put their animation twist to it. We had a great response to the open call and we chose C0D3.near as the artist to complete the animation. Their work was completed and we’re really thrilled with the result! It was great for us to put out an open call like this and collaborate with yet more new artists.


Projects in Action:

1. Paulo Edson’s EP release


This week Paulo and the team will travel to the studio to record, but a lot of prep has taken place in the meantime, with a demo recorded for tracking and the song structures finalised.
Paulo has been paid out to pre-pay the other artists and studio and has been fully onboarded.

2. The Balearic Islands Analog Photography - Patricia


Photos have been taken for the series and are now being developed in the lab for the final selection before minting. Patricia has also been fully onboarded (patriciai.near).

3. Art Exhibition & NFT series - Abia Karim


Abia has been introduced to the forum where she proposed her project and has also activated her wallet. She is now in the planning & production stage of her project. (abiakarim.near)


We’ve got a lot of our IRL community involved this month and it’s exciting to see how people are interacting with the space and getting involved as well as the smaller projects that are bouncing off this.

2 of our council members were interviewed on RTE (Irish national radio) this month on behalf of Garden Collective DAO about cultural collectives working in the web3 space, with reference to NEAR protocol and NFT platforms.


  • Onboarding takes a lot of time, but each time the process gets a bit more efficient… It really is worth the time to spend explaining the ins and outs for those artists to continue to interact and feel comfortable with the tools of the ecosystem. Especially now that more of our council members are familiar with this process and have the tools.

  • The Neardrop account that we set-up with Garden has really assisted with the process of onboarding and also helps us keep track of this with metrics. Definitely a worthwhile investment for us as we introduce more of our creative community to the ecosystem

  • Sustainability: we are going for a big push on creating a solid structure for our sustainability as a DAO in both the web3 space and physical realm as we bring in more and more artists and experiment more with the combination of the two worlds.


Paid out:

  • Neardrop account
  • Sowing seeds residency - Part 1: Maria Ferreira
  • Sowing seeds residency - Part 2: Tilly Pegrum
  • Paulo Edson’s debut EP recording
  • The Balearic Islands Analog Photography NFT Series – Patricia
  • Av coverage Zirkus mond - Photographer : Raul
  • Council work for May

Still to be paid out:

  • Av coverage Zirkus mond: Videographer (awaiting files)

Hey @ted.iv thank you for the great report, Can you pls share the metrics from the previous month like

  1. No of NFTS Minted
  2. No of People Onboarded Etc.,
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@Monish016 I must have missed this comment. apologies.
here is the list of onboarded creatives in the month of May already included in the report, and below are the numbers associated (I have added this into the main report also for clarity sake).

Total onboarded: 6 (all from our existing network of creatives based in and around Lisbon, accompanied by a 1-to-1 session for approx 1 hour each)
NFTs minted: 14 individual NFTs with either 5, 10, or 25 editions of each
(Total NFTs made available: 78)

We also made one 3xr space created from the first Sowing Seeds residency:

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