[REPORT] Mineria-Virtual MV-traders of OWS [March]

This month, we continue doing daily market’s analysis on our MV-Traders channel; with it, we are encouraging all users to participate. In the chat, people leave all their questions that they could have. We’d like to mention that the most attractive thing to the community is the trading BOT with the Near 24H chart. All goals that were succeeded this month are the following:

  1. NFTs: During the month, we decided to dedicate a week to talk about NFTs. That was a success, a lot of people asked us to repeat the topics and the following week, NFTs topics were repeated, which were: What are NFTs? How can you trade with NFTs? And platforms where you can get them. On live streams, we made a raffle and the user called @gbethermyt was the winner. While we were watching all interactions that NFTs topic generated, we added to our daily chat the top 10.

  2. We added a news update to our chat. As we know, we need to keep in mind the crucial analysis, a news can move the market in a few seconds.

  3. MV-Traders YouTube channel was created. Right now, we have 5 posted videos, where we’ve talked about NFT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYPaIvZUggc. What is Ref. Finance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfZ4j7m11j4. Trading strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx-smyIoCEE. What is Dow’s Theory? https://youtu.be/I0mARLvJkwQ.

  4. TikTok’s channel in English was created, dedicated to talk about trading and NFT. In April, we’ll dedicate ourselves to launching all the videos we have recorded, Since we have had a much better response on the Spanish tiktok channel, the idea is to replicate the work and achieve more interactions in English, also thinking that the tiktok format, in addition to being more entertaining, is less heavy to upload online, which has been one of our recurring problems.

in these videos we can demonstrate the virality that tiktok has and the interest in @parasid and the nft market on Near 1500-2000 views per video just starting.

With it, we will incorporate more people to OWS and Near community, keeping in mind that TikTok is the website with more views at the time.

  1. We incorporated more than 94 people to OWS’ Discord this month and it finished with 80 wallets.

  2. We got 10 trading enthusiasts on our course that are about to get their certificate in MV-Traders so they can start working for Near’s community and another 30 trading enthusiasts just started the process.

This month we couldn’t

  1. Make a partnership with Ref. Finance so the OWS community knows better ways to trade in a decentralized way. However, they didn’t want to do a collaboration because, to them, Trading is a risky topic. We told them we could have taught users how to be holding on to REF, but once again, they didn’t like that idea. So, we’re trying to get an attractive way to collaborate with Near’s biggest DEX.

Schedule for april

  1. We are going to start posting important tweets from Near’s community leaders and mains cryptos icons , in that way people on the channel could be attentive to the information and the trading bot is efficient to them.

  2. A TwitterSpace will be made with Fritz Wagner to explain the benefits about being part of MV TRADER channel, also how you can be a profitable holder in near protocol.

  3. Weekly we will do Twitter Spaces to incorporate more people to Near Community.

  4. STARt the trading tournament. For that we design some steps to follow. Our purpose is that advertising to attract movement to near’s community

  • Start of campaign: Monday, April 4th

  • Campaign duration: 16 days with an average range of 200.00 views and 170-300 users participating. by Instagram adds

  • Since the campaign will also be dedicated to knowledge of near applications and wallets, we hope to achieve between 200 and 400 wallet openings.

  • Requirements to participate in the tournament:

  1. Have a near wallet

  2. Being part of the OWS server and MV Traders channel

  • Tournament topic: The tournament is shown as a mathematics problem. A hypothetical situation where you have 100 nears that today are equivalent to about 1400 dollars. The math problem will be executed through a google forms and consists in explaining how with only 30 purchases and 30 sales as maximum movements in a month you can generate the most nears. There will be “stake them” as an option and there will be staking different types that near has like liquidity pools and the opportunities that can be used, write an example and show how it works (ref finance, Metapool, Near wallet and more options).

  • Last day to participate: April 20th

  • Review participants responses 30th

  • Choose the winner

  1. About Onboarding, we have seen the community interest about NFT. Because of the classes they have learned NFT’s value and due of that we will use same discord channel strategy. The procedure is that people who want to get a free nft have to create a wallet account and after that, we will send them their nft. This activity plus the tournament will lead us to reach our planned goal: 300 or more.
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