[Report] MDAO PR Workshop

Audience growth: not applicable
AER: 37.68%

Performance Statement: What is the biggest win (most improved part of project) during this funding period vs. the previous one (if applicable)?

We successfully completed a 2-hour workshop for a group of over 25 founders in the Near ecosystem, covering the importance of PR, difference between web3 vs traditional PR, cover best practices & challenges with Web3 PR and taught founders how to measure success for PR campaigns.

Through a carefully designed curriculum, we engaged with participants by inviting founders to dissect sample press releases, helping them form a mental framework for how to approach journalists. We covered how founders should build relationships with Journalists/Media, and walked through a 7-step process to approach crisis communications in web3.

Participants from our PR workshop rated the session with an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 8.5 out of 10.

Performance statement: What is the biggest challenge your project is facing? What did not improve during this funding period?

While we saw strong participation from the Near ecosystem for our PR workshop, we would like to see more partipation from the Near ecosystem for our office hours. As of this report, we have met with or scheduled office hours with 7 teams. We would like to meet with more teams across the ecosystem.

By regularly posting about the PR office hours available for Near teams in private Telegram groups, on Twitter spaces and through influential people within the Near ecosystem, we believe that we can meet with more founders building in on Near. We are here to support MDAO’s mission to train, equip and support founders with PR education, resources and office hours.