[Closed] January & February 2023 NEAR PR Guild. Press Release Budget

Hi NEAR Community! We’re excited to showcase our work here. Please Look out for our proposal.

Guild name: NEAR PR Guild
Funding scheme: Monthly

We started at end of January. We mainly promoted Near Protocol, Ethdenver and Sweatcoin in our PR. Also, we choose to promote Near projects to get more engagement.

We promoted PR with these NEAR ecosystem projects.

PR of January

PR 1 For Near Protocol and Ethdenver Event
PR 2 What is Sweat Еconomy
PR 3 What is NEAR Protocol

Plans for the February

30 PR Post of NEAR Protocol Articles

We started a PR with projects for their promotional activities for February month.
We intend to promote projects as well as NEAR Protocol events daily.

Mission: Expanding the reach of the NEAR ecosystem to the entire blockchain community and publishing accurate information about marketplace and community events is a great way to increase awareness and engagement with the platform. By providing a centralized source of information about the ecosystem, you can help educate and inform potential users and partners about the benefits and features of the NEAR platform.

Merging the web2 audience into the web3 ecosystem is a great strategy, as it can help to bring a larger and more diverse user base to the platform. By making it easy for web2 users to access and engage with the platform, you can help to increase the adoption and usage of the NEAR ecosystem. Additionally, by collaborating with other web3 projects and platforms, you can help to build a stronger and more connected ecosystem.

However, It’s important to note that building a strong web3 ecosystem requires more than just increasing awareness and bringing in new users. It also requires providing a user-friendly and intuitive experience, as well as developing a strong and engaged community of developers, businesses, and users. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the platform provides real value and solves real problems for its users and that it is built on a solid and secure technology foundation.

What is PR?

PR (Press Release) can help increase a website’s ranking in Google by building backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to a website, and they are an important factor in determining a website’s ranking in search engines. PR can be used to get press coverage, which can result in backlinks from news websites and other high-authority sources. Additionally, PR can be used to build relationships with influencers and bloggers, who can also provide backlinks to a website. However, it’s important to note that not all backlinks are equal in terms of the value they provide to a website’s search engine ranking; backlinks from high-authority, reputable sources carry more weight than those from low-authority or spammy sources

Funding Details for January
3 PR Published: 3 PR X 35 USDT

Funding Details for February
We will Publish: 30 PR X 35 USDT

Total: 1155$

NEAR Wallet Address: nearprotocolpr.near

Here is Our Social Media Account:

DM For Collab on TG: NEAR_PR



Hey @NEARPR thanks for the proposal. Note that PR activities are currently out of scope for the MarketingDAO:


We are focusing on content in which we publish news related to the NEAR community on different news platforms.

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Also unable to support for the same reasons

Thanks for your proposal.

Press releases, influencers, sponsorships are out of scope from Marketing DAO. Closing this proposal.

If the team were to change scope to focus on original content creation, you are welcome to submit a new proposal in the future.

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