[Report] Mate - Meta Pool Ambassador Working Activities for October, 2023

Meta Pool on Peru during October 2023.

We are glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool in Peru during the last month.

Hi everyone! This is my second month as a Meta Pool Ambassador. This month has been equally full of challenges, but I have already mastered the priority topics for Meta Pool and in general all blockchain technology much better.

These months there have been virtual events and tasks that have been essential for the growth of our community. Below I show you the activities I carried out as a Meta Pool Ambassador.


1 AMA hosted on Twitter:

AMA 1: Financiamiento Sostenible

In this AMA we discuss the importance of funding DeFi projects. Likewise, we address the GG18 and the projects benefited in this round.

4 Blogs post in Medium:

  1. MPIP 3: Meta Pool anuncia un reset para su token de governanza.
  2. Gobernanza Descentralizada en Web 3: Un Análisis de la DAO en Meta Pool.
  3. Aumenta tus ingresos y opciones de inversión: explorando el Liquid Staking con Meta Pool.
  4. Transformando comunidades: el impacto de Meta Pool y Gitcoin en América Latina.

8 Twitter Threads:

  1. Reset al token de gobernanza: $META.
  2. La importancia de BOS en la gobernanza de Meta Pool.
  3. mpDAO Grants 4.
  4. La importancia de la gobernanza y DAO en el ecosistema DeFi y Meta Pool.
  5. Abertura de la mpDAO grants 4.
  6. Cómo hacer liquid staking en Meta Pool.
  7. Recap y siguientes pasos de la alianza entre Meta Pool y Gitcoin.
  8. El inicio de la implementación de la MPIP 3.

1 video about liquid staking in Meta Pool was uploaded on Twitter.

1 post in NEAR.social about a recap and the next steps between the alliance between Meta Pool and Gitcoin.

¡Meta Pool is growing in Peru!

During this month we are happy to announce the following numbers:

  • Two Twitter threads with more than 2k reach.
  • First video uploaded on Twitter about a Meta Pool priority with more than 1.5 reach in the first two days.

¡Thank you!


Great Job Mate, keep going! :+1:

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