[Report] Marketing | DAOrecords | May 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Marketing
Report for the Month and Year: May, 2022
Previous Report : [Report] Marketing | DAOrecords | April 2022
Previous Proposal : [PROPOSAL] Marketing | DAORecords | April 2022

DAOrecords Marketing Team
Vandal - Operations [Founder] @vandal
Masia One - Lead A&R @masiaone
Pawel Crans - Project Manager @Paul
Elena Marakova - Product Designer @lelen.maramar
Derrick Ong - Marketing @_Tech1
Sleezy Moss - Community Sleezy_Moss


For the month of May 2022, DAORecords commenced its 12 week metaverse series called Sound Splash.

  • I have been creating the Sound Splash marketing collaterals that helped in promotion on social media platforms as well helping liasing with Pawel and sleezy in regards to marketing and promotions.

  • Also supporting @vandal and team, with poster designs in our DAORecords HQ and template layout designs

  • Also help facilitate and schedule 4 Twitter AMA space for the month of May

  • Handled Instagram, Facebook & Twitter platforms

  • Also took screenshots of all 4 event days.

Marketing materials created

  • 8 x sound splash artiste posts

  • 1 x soundsplash partners poster (moving and static posts)

  • 4 x Twitter AMA poster

  • 1 x Soundsplash monthly poster of all 4 weekly artistes

**Other Involvements**
  • Working with @Paul and @vandal with NEAR insider for a collaborated marketing promotion and product infographic to our Fonoroot system launch.

  • Worked with Pawl, Vandal and Near Daily, in regards to a cross promotion of Sound Splash, Splash pass and our music nft platform.

  • worked with @Sleezy_Moss with marketing collateral support for the DAORecords Discord Channel.

  • Participated in weekly DAOrecords marketing ops meeting in marketing ops group chat.

  • Worked with Vandal for the May monthly Soundsplash poster and also for the SoundSplash template for the Soundsplash live stream

  • Involved in meetings with @Paul & @Sleezy_Moss in regards to a giveaways contest from one of the SoundSplash partners which is Near Hub Comics. We’ve decided to use twitter as a platform and also agreed on how are we going to determine the winner who will receive an exclusive Comic NFT.

What to expect in June ?

I will be supporting the team with marketing and graphic design works, and social media posts in regards to SoundSplash and DAORecords.

Current Numbers (last months numbers)

Twitter = 7962 (7679)

Instagram = 1257 (1199)

Facebook = 248 (242)

**Also I have paid for the Instagram marketing paid adverts first prior to event for each week of $45 each week. However, only week 1 has been deducted from my bank account, of which the screenshot of the deduction from my bank account is attached below.

Instagram posts and analytics

paid promotion for Instagram posts and bank deduction

Twitter analytics

NEAR Insider paid infographics & NEAR Daily promotion

Near Wallet : tech1.near

Hours contributed: 60

Total requested funds: $1250

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