[Report] Layerless Aurora Inter-chain NFT Project

Organization Name:* Layerless
Proposal Title: Layerless Aurora Inter-chain NFT

Layerless is an interoperable blockchain protocol designed to create layer-agnostic, decentralized information, content, and intelligence primitives. Built on LayerZero, Layerless enables assets to be utilized across all EVM chains with LayerZero endpoints, promoting interoperability and enhancing user experience across web3.

Applicant Information
Point of Contact Dele Atanda

Project Charter and Goals

Project Overview:
Layerless aims to mint a collection of NFTs on Aurora to integrate the Near community, ecosystem, and technology stack into the Layerless protocol. These NFTs will facilitate interoperability and inter-EVM-chain use, addressing challenges in NFT interchain transfer without the need for centralized bridges.


  • Enable secure and seamless transfer of NFTs across EVM chains using LayerZero endpoints.
  • Enhance liquidity and user experience in the NFT space.
  • Promote decentralized information and media capabilities using inter-chain NFTs as a foundational primitive.

Progress Update

LayerZero Endpoint Integration
The LayerZero endpoint has been successfully integrated into the Polygon Smart Contract. This crucial step ensures that assets can be seamlessly transferred across different EVM chains without the need for token wrapping or centralized bridges.

Aurora Smart Contract Integration
The integration of the LayerZero endpoint into the Aurora Smart Contract will follow the successful testing of the Aurora Smart Contract. This will ensure robust and reliable functionality before deployment.

Testing Phase
Once the integration with LayerZero is complete, the project will enter the testing phase. This phase will involve rigorous testing of the smart contract to ensure its security and reliability.

Next Steps

  • Complete testing of the Aurora Smart Contract.
  • Integrate the LayerZero endpoint into the Aurora Smart Contract.
  • Finalize preparations for the launch of the inter-chain NFT capabilities.

The Layerless Aurora Inter-chain NFT project is progressing as planned, with significant milestones achieved in integrating LayerZero endpoints and preparing for the Aurora Smart Contract testing. The team remains committed to enhancing NFT interoperability and improving user experiences across the web3 ecosystem.