[REPORT] Kin DAO - March 2022

[REPORT] - Kin DAO March 2022

Hello Creatives Community! Spring has sprung and the season already feels very busy. Unfortunately this month brought another close death to our team, this time for myself. Because of this, work was delayed, yet somehow we still got so much completed. I am increasingly in gratitude to our team that truly operates as Kin.

Gold Coin Creation
We were able to make all of the scanned gold busts into coins

New Art City Exhibition
Our non tech brains have been getting educated, doing research, playing/exploring the virtual space of New Art City curating and placing everything together slowly as well as collecting all stories together. Much of the work has been in curating a cohesive story as our message and history is very complex to explain. We hope you all will enjoy what we come up with when it is ready and understand the need so much time for this to develop.

For Product Model
We shifted some of our budget from minting labor/storytelling/New Art City to developing the For Product Model. This required @Patrick-T-Anderson & our other teammate Henry to dive into coding development and take some long drives to meet in person. We had several long meetings to move things forward. Here are some photos of one of our work days in SF (can you see our brains working?):

Thanks for following along!!