[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO I New Art City Gallery I May 2022

New Art City Gallery

This May we will be continuing the development of our New Art City Gallery. We have already accumulated majority of the content needed to make this exhibition possible, now it our goal to get the last community members added and organize what we have in preparation of minting. On the back end we will be curating our story and the digital space so that we focus heavily on crafting the space in June. Our goal is to have this project finished by the Summer Solstice, may we meet our goals with ease!

Budget Total: $3000

  • Head Scans [$350] - of 2-3 community members to be made into future coins
  • Gold Coin Creation [$400] - coins created from head scans
  • Virtual Space Curation/Development [$850] - conceptualizing and mapping the specific placements of the gallery, working to tell a comprehensible story that weaves in numerous individuals and communities, learning virtual space tooling, proceeding with phase 1 of the virtual development process
  • Digital Organization [$400] - compiling all updated gold coins, personal stories, art pieces into a central space to be ready for digital formatting)
  • Digital Formatting [$600] - formatting 30+ photos and video to the correct size so they may be ready for minting
  • Minting Labor[$400] - pacing, processing, all formatted and organized media with proper wallet attachments & percentage splits into mintbase for minting

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