[Report] KalakendraDAO Web3 Huddle IRL Chennai


WEB3 Huddle IRL Details

About WEB3 Huddle

Kalakendra DAO x Madras DAO presented WEB3 Huddle IRL on 28th August Sunday 2022, in Grand Mall Velachery Chennai. The event started with a DAOs introduction in the presence of 50+ participants, and we had a speaker from nasacademy who spoke about how to shill web3 projects. We had live music, and at the end, we had a wonderful dinner with our participants.

We got excellent responses from the participants, and in the feedback, most of them mentioned that they need more web3-based speakers from a different domain in the future.

WEB3 Huddle Agenda

  • [17:00]-[17:15]: INTRO to KKD AND NEAR PROTOCOL
  • [17:15]-[17:30]: ICE BREAKERS
  • [17:30]-[18:00]: DISCUSSION future of Madras DAO
  • [18:00]-[18:30]: PANEL DISCUSSION Onboarding people into Web3
  • [18:30]-[19:00]: GAME 1 : QUESTIONS GAME
  • [19:00]-[19:30]: Discussion about the future of NFT
  • [19:30]-[20:00]: GAME 2: Shill your Project
  • [20:00]-[21:00]: Dinner & Drinks.

Web3 Huddle Promotions

IRL Outcome

We had a fun and successful event. As mentioned above, we had many web3 peeps attending the event for networking and collaborating.

The Main Goal of this web3 Huddle meet-up organized by KKD is to state the Presence of KalakendraDAO to the existing web3 Community operating Locally or Regionally.

KalakendraDAO started as a mission to Onboard Web2 artists into Web3 Space, Especially into NEAR Protocol. Still, with the Recent Activities of KalakendraDAO, We have slowly evolved to onboarding Not only artists but also all the web3 enthusiasts like Devs, Community Builders & College students into web3 NEAR Protocol.

As NEAR Mission to Onboard 1Billion Web3 Users into NEAR Protocol, I can affirmatively say KalakendraDAO is Moving in a Right Direction Operating in India.

The Meetup Gave KKD Access to collaborate with the Existing web3 DAOs Like DOPE DAO and BOLD DAO.

The DOPE DAO Started as an Educative Web3 DAO by SRM University Students; KalaKenedraDAO will Further Collaoraborate with the DOPE DAO in Educating Native Web2 Users about Web3,

Also, We had an excellent discussion with Shardeum Team, Leveraging Technology, and the conversation happened on EVM Sharing and Non-EVM Sharding with Linear and Dynamic Sharding. We built a good relationship with the Shardeum Team as well.

And in terms of onboarding, Unfortunately, satori art NFT Onboarding Campaigns didn’t work, we had to manually onboard peeps into NEAR Protocol through, yet we were able to onboard through noncampaign links of satori.

Finally, We had a Wonderful Dinner Organised by KalakendraDAO.


  1. We had a wonderful experience collaborating with Other DAOS, Prioritizing or aligning the vision and mission of DAOs.
  2. Plan accordingly with the contingency plan for the event, with necessary onboarding Tools.


  1. We got a lot of inquiry & interest from College students joining & building products on NEAR partnering with KKD; As a result, we will be able to participate in metabuidl 3 Representing KalakendraDAO

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