[PROPOSAL] Gruta DAO Website - Phase 0 -> Phase 1

We continue in working our online presence and develop our own website!



We just made the report from our last update from the website and will continously update the roadmap and development.

Now to better plan we need to develop the content and start getting ideas on how will we merge our Gruta already existent concepts with a dApp application. This will be done in the following weeks also with the help of our other proposal for a creative industry platform plans.

We plan on having direct access to our NFT store using Gorilla Shops and Mintbase on our own website.

Also we will now try and hire a developer beside our designer so we can start thinking of our product for Gruta in terms of development. Mainly our Developing manager @aredpanda will be hired to help with this matters.

We plan this initial following developments using now Web 3.0:

  • Ideation of Web 3.0 layer for the Cooperative using AstroDAO & NEAR Protocol
  • Build up Services, Production and Artist booking available in NEAR Payments.
  • Ideation on more services a platform like Gruta could incorporate Web 3.0 in its website.

Budget: 500$

We will be detailing any updates made to our development or conclusions we get in the monthly report.