[APPROVED] IncubadoraPT July-August Budget overview

Project Name: IncubadoraPT

IncubadoraPT DAO is a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It is a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the increasing precarisation of the cultural sector and artistic labour, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

(frnvpr.near) @frnvpr
(samiasns.near) @Samiasns
(jmm.near) @JulianaM
(rebecca.near) @mecsbecs

Target Address: incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near

Project Accounting: current account balance 118,70 NEAR*
*There is still an ongoing bounty with payout pending (research for the Virtual Gallery).

Funding Period: July/August

Requested amount: 790 NEAR

Pending requested amount: 660 NEAR**
**(this amount is intended to be submitted to the VR DAO, as a continuation of the Residency Project ideated during Hackathon, and we are requesting it as reserves to the DAO in case the VR DAO is unable to fund this proposal by August 6th. This would prevent us from delaying the payouts as 6 artists already have been booked, onboarded and its events are already set up for August)

Updated Project Timeline:

  • We are on the brink of doing our first VR +New Media Artistic Residence called Poliedro, POLIEDRO- VR and New Media Residency Program which will occupy the next 2 months; in the last trimester we’ll have the first Writers Residency, more on that later. Both of these 2 projects will happen twice a year.

  • We have 2 more ongoing projects, the 1st is a NFT video-portraits project with an upcoming migration to a new DAO; the 2nd is a monthly stipend support for visual artists, which we expect to be in place starting September.

  • Plus, we have ongoing efforts into onboarding, educational events, etc.

In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed in the roadmap for July-August, we request funding for the following activities:

Council Matters:

  • Council work 70N x 3 = 210 N

  • Part-time council work = 50 N

  • Management Social Media = 60N

    Sub-total = 320 N

Specific projects:

Poliedro - VR + New Media Residency

  • Talks & workshops (35N per talk x 8 talks planned to August and September) = 280 N

  • Artist in Residence fee (August, 100N per artist x 6 artists) = 600N**

  • Promotion & marketing = 20 N**

  • Production = 40 N**

    Sub-total= 280N

    Sub-total pending= 660N

Video portraits

  • Production & editing of 5 videos = 75 N

  • wallets creation + fees for interviewees (5x5) = 25N

  • mintbase store creation = 10 N

  • lighting equipment = 50 N

  • transcription and translation for EN= 30 N

    Sub-total = 190 N



June Reports:

Creatives DAO



All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


I turn around for a second, and all of a sudden IncubadoraPT is going off!!! Great to see so much activity within the community.

A quick question,

I am assuming this means that this is the budget for July? Or is this for both July AND August? (just trying to clarify if IncubadoraPT is expecting to submit another proposal for August as well)


hey @chloe :slight_smile: So, this means July’s budget :stuck_out_tongue:

We put July-August because it seemed confusing asking for July budget in the 22th day. And as the first request was also in the middle/end of June, we discussed the possibility to put this way (July/August, then August/September and so on). But if you think this is confusing, we can edit it!


No worries at all. If this makes it easier for your guild to organize, fine by me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I have changed the status of this proposal to [APPROVED]. Please feel free to submit a payout proposal for 790 NEAR to the Creatives SputnikDAO to the IncubadoraPT DAO.


yes, we are going to try this way for this month and see if we adapt well to it :smiley: thanks! :blush:


Filing a brief report for my part-time council work in July where I:

  • participated in regular council voting and governance matters/budget tracking
  • completed the Artist Stipend Program open call write up (which is waiting on translation in Portuguese before it will be posted by September 3)
  • secured @tabear as one of the jury members for the artist stipend selection process

For these activities, I will be requesting the 50N council member payout.


Great job as always, incubadoras & incobadoros! Looking very much forward to that stipend program <3


Awesome work as always @mecsbecs ! Looking fwd to the artist stipend program and also to officially start Poliedro!