HypeDAO August Activity Report (in progress)

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August Monthly Report

Project Name: Hype DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

@Loam (now retired)

Balance: current account balance 55.9271 N, 870.1983 USN, (147.49164 N staked)


JULY ACTIVITY REPORT HypeDAO July 2022 Activity Report (in Progress)



Hype Battle: [REPORT] Hype Battle #5 & #6 Monthly Report

Twitter Spaces: [PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Twitter Spaces August 2022 - #2 by kodandi

Medium Blog: (ongoing from june budget) [PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Blog June 2022 - #3 by kodandi

Fashion Design Contest HypeDAO x NEAR Digital Fashion DAO: Pending August funding

Mintbase Store: (ongoing from june budget) store opened but gorilla shops not yet completed hype.mintbase1.near on Mintbase Artists are beginning to mint their art from the Hype Battle so that we can create 3xr galleries to promote the artists and the Hype Battle as a part of our marketing plan.

HYPE Token Utility Research: HypeDAO started distributing HYPE social tokens to participants of the Hype Battle and speaking during the Saturday Twitter Spaces. We will soon be announcing ways to spend the HYPE tokens and more ways to earn HYPE tokens.

Social Media views:

How many community members participated in the activities: 150+

How many community members were rewarded: 6 (+ 1 more member and council members are owed pending receipt of August funds) and additional community members rewarded with HYPE social tokens

Accounting (Still to be paid out/Already paid out): To be paid out: 1 blog, gorilla shops set up. HypeDAO is planning a treasury audit to balance our funds for more responsible reporting and community accountability. We are also planning to move the staked funds from the hypedao.near wallet to staking on Ref Finance through the DAO.

Social media accounts:

Twitter: twitter.com/hypedao

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @hypedao

Discord HypeDAO

Instagram: HypeDAO (@hypedao) • Instagram photos and videos

Mission: HypeDAO is an international artist guild, using web3 technology to bring creative minds together across cultures.

Vision: HypeDAO supports creative growth and development of individual artists through art competitions, promotes the work and projects of small NEAR NFT artists and platforms, and has plans to expand into metaverse art shows, physical gallery shows, producing educational events and material, onboarding artists and collectors, and expanding our reach into the art and tech community.

Roadmap: HypeDAO has plans to expand the utility of the social token, host metaverse art shows and physical gallery shows, network in the art and tech community outside of NEAR, produce workshops and blogs with educational material about NFT promotion and tech how-tos from community members, promote the Hype Battle art competition to a wider audience.

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