[APPROVED] HypeDAO - August 2021

Continuing the discussion from [APPROVED] HypeDAO Budget - second half of July 2021:

HypeDAO Monthly funding request - August 2021

Last Month

Our first funding period was only 14 days ago!
We aimed for 100 new members in the first month, and in only two weeks we are at 121 Twitter followers and 75 Telegram members. Our Instagram has 23 followers with only an introductory post made so far.

Digipedia and myself wrote an introductory post and it got a decent reaction on twitter + 87 claps on Medium.

@EV3RETH built and deployed a next.js website and converted it to a yarn workspaces monorepo so that we can expand it similar to scaffold-eth for different project starters, and a connect NEAR and Register for HYPE button.

The Monthly bounty board is available on our #creatives:hype-dao category, as well as on Taiga thanks to @starpause.

I managed twitter for the first week or so, and @ZexonNerotaki took the final week. we split the 100N between us.

The Logo Design Bounty has been completed – we got nine people with rough draft submissions to the bounty-board thread, and the winner was @holikao who has been paid out 50N from the DAO. All submissions were paid 5N from the dao by linking to their bountyboard comment.

We did not host discussions, although Digipedia and myself have started name dropping Hypedao in other peoples spaces, and talking about what we do.

The HYPE fund of $NEAR was used to tip out people for participating until we realized there was a /login command (aside from the correct /tipbotLogin command) that requested full permissions from a users near wallet, so we removed it from the HypeDAO telegram channel until its removed or renamed.

Remaining funds: 347 NEAR to be rolled over to Art / Hype projects.

Projects & Timelines:

We would like to establish a monthly Hack Bounty Fund to ensure we can support 2 or 3 developers to contribute in their spare time on components for the monorepo. We may contribute part of this fund towards a hackathon to sponsor one of these bounties. Unfinished bounties will be rolled over or reallocated the following month.

We also will need an Art Bounty Fund for various efforts, from contests to art minting and sales. We also would like to explore ways to bring in Ethereum artists to NEAR.

Hack Bounties (750 Total, to roll over if incomplete)

These are up for grabs throughout the month. We will promote the bounties on Forum, Social media and Telegram.

  • Make a hype payout proposal component for the repo (60)
  • make a $HYPE leaderboard component (50)
  • make component for minting to Mintbase HypeDAO store (approved accounts only) (use mintbase.js) (50)
  • mintbase mint component that submits a proposal for the dao to mint it instead of user. (50)
  • send $HYPE to user component (60)
  • Create a useful branch of the monorepo using the yarn-workspaces project structure. Such as port nft-market to workspaces. (100)
  • Component to display Post from Discourse by url (80)
  • Page to display bounty board from Taiga API (50)
  • Create a Sputnik v2 fork with NFT membership (as opposed to FT weighted membership) (125)
  • component for proposal to purchase NFT from DAO (100)
  • Aurora Deploy NFT, mint to NFT via DAO (125)

Art Bounties (250 Total)

  • 10 NEAR to 5 featured artists to deploy their first store on mintbase and mint a collection to be featured in HypeDAO social media throughout the month.
  • 100 NEAR sticker bounty, 50 designs paid out 2 near and then all added to the a sticker pack
  • 100 NEAR art purchasing budget, for the dao to start collecting directly.
  • Collage project. 49 Artworks in one NFT, minted by the DAO with a 50-way split.

Housekeeping tasks (550 Total)

  • Twitter (100 split 2 or 3 ways)
  • Instagram (50)
  • Website maintenance and service costs (125)
  • Coordination (planning, outreach, facilitation on Forum and Telegram) (500 split)

Total Funding Requested: 1825 NEAR

We will roll over our previous funds for more art and hype-fund efforts, TBD by community and planners.

Project/Council Members:

@mxjxn @EV3RETH @digithubpedia @zeitwarp @ZexonNerotaki




Added the Collage Project to the art bounties. This was proposed by @zeitwarp as a way to show off mintbase splits as well as minting via DAO. We can make a campaign to assemble the artworks (by a theme perhaps) and in the meanwhile aim to get a UI for DAO minting completed!



These could be rolled into a bigger “NFTs for DAOs” challenge and proposed to the hackathon for NEAR to support with a $5000 prize :eyes: Sooner the better to publish as there will be significant media push to https://metabuidl.splashthat.com/ :chart: here is the submission process/page.


Okay that sounds great! If I am submitting a proposal but it is part of a larger already proposed challenge, what might I be submitting a proposal for specifically?

Edit: I submitted a proposal without a budget. We can list our monthly bounties for their current values, and maybe pool our resources on the DAO+NFT bounties.


Thanks, added it to the public challenge.

NEAR is putting forward $5,000 prize for partner bounties like this. Up to each partner to judge as they see fit :grin:

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@EV3RETH brought up the costs of running the server along with time spent on reviewing code for new features, and other maintenance, and we decided it made sense to attach another 75 to the site maintenance budget. This ensures that we can pay for the services and the time for someone who might be required to work on it. Updated the requested total budget


The proposed plans for August look great! It has been awesome to see the growth of the HypeDAO community in such a short amount of time. Excited to support the continued growth of this project/community. Also, SputnikDAO membership based on NFT sounds so awesome!

@mecsbecs and I will deliberate and then respond with the next steps.


@mxjxn and HypeDAO council - thank you for your report of your activities so far since you started in (only) mid-July, and for your detailed budget and funding request for August. I also loooove how you’ve designed your bounties!

With the tipBot issue, I’m looking to @chloe @starpause and whomever else here would know about this problematic /login command you’ve mentioned and who would be the right person to report this to (unless @mxjxn you’ve already done so…?).

At present in the creative community, the standard for Twitter account management is usually between 30-60N per person (cc: Incubadora, even going back to Createbase in May) so confirming when you say ‘split’ you mean between 2 people for the month, right? Also considering your incredible rate of growth, some report on your socials metrics would be awesome for us to see by the numbers how much hype (and even $HYPE when you’re there) you’re generating as part of your monthly reports!

Once this above point is confirmed, then you can proceed with posting your 1,825 NEAR payout proposal to the Creatives SputnikDAO linking to this Forum post.


Don’t use the /login command and you’re safe. I made the same mistake of allowing that when I first used the bot. @zavodil is that command around for a reason? If it’s useful for development can it be renamed so that new users don’t accidently encounter it?


Yeah the issue so far was that a number of users were accidentally using it. Think it would be safer to rename it

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Yep I clarified with an edit! It would be split between me, @ZexonNerotaki and maybe one other person.

We will make sure to put some Twitter statistics in our post next month!


Wrapping up August efforts,
claiming my payouts with this reply:

Task bounty
Most of Twitter effort (split with @ZexonNerotaki) 67 N
Half coordination effort (split with @EV3RETH) 250 N