[PROPOSAL] Gruta Website Redesign - Hibernation -> Phase 0

Gruta comes from hibernation with plans for a renewed website!

Since it’s inception, Gruta has alway had a big mark in the online world. Developing ways of communicating throught is audience. Via music, video, images, physicaly and everything we could grasp any idea of. Now to embark in this journey of web 3.0 it completly needs a design facelift in its website.

Website: gruta.live

Currently in maintenance mode so we can achieve with the best planning, without distractions or old habits. We want to work with the designer we have in mind, to develop a new design and design framework to build the next steps to build the dApp ideas we also have.

We will also onboard the designer to Web 3.0 and try and make work for this great world of blockchain technology!

Budget: 500$

We will update this thread and report as we further plan the updates and designs we are developing during this month.

Also to better make you look at our online content, here is all the following links for every other platform we use.

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube | AstroDAO