[REPORT] GLOA - A.I. Dragon Goa - April 2024

This is the full report for A.I. Dragon Goa. You can refer to the earlier A.I. Dragon Goa - Midterm report here: [Report] A.I. Dragon Goa - Midterm report

A.I. DRAGON GOA (April 4-20, 2024) - Full Report

A.I. Dragon is a prototype Knowledge/Arts series, trialing the implementation of certain emerging technologies, into everything from managing shows/festivals, helping artists & communities self-resource, and improving the quality of live & virtual experiences. Furthermore, how can these particular technologies be used to help bring broader social change? The concept was mind-opening for our guests.

In terms of aiding event management, we’re looking to A.I. Dragon’s findings to implement ready/maturing “web3” solutions to strengthen our systems, bolster our offerings and maximise productivity.

We began throwing events professionally back in 2000, masterminding events of all shapes, sizes and formats, from music gigs, meetups, and hybrid live/online experiences, to multi-day festivals and international tours. A.I. Dragon offered a hands on opportunity to test a few hypothesis and consider the viability of integrating various technologies moving forward.

Summary of Accomplishments

  • 25 new NEAR wallets onboarded
  • 32 NFT tickets minted
  • 6 events produced
  • 85 total attendance (some people attended multiple events)
  • 3+ videos produced
  • 4142+ Reel video plays (as of April 30 2024)
  • 3042+ people reached (as of April 30 2024)
  • 32% increased reach since previous period
  • AER 15.15%
  • 200+ flyers and posters distributed

Introductory A.I. Dragon video:

Events Across A.I. Dragon Goa

From April 4-20th in North Goa, with the support of NEAR/MDAO, A.I. Dragon hosted six arts/tech-focused workshops, meetups and select VR events / private experiences. We ran small live events & sessions, with a cascade of different styles, themes and approaches.

These events included:

  • Thu. April 4 - Live blockchain/AI presentations, workshops (25-30 people) @ Lush Mandrem
  • Thu. April 11 - “Casual Crypto Meetup” (12-15 people)
  • Sat. April 13 - Goa Music Lab @ a live/hybrid event (20-25 people)
  • Tue. April 16 - HOR-style DJ Eva Toya broadcast from Lab, private audience (8 people)
  • Thu. April 18 - “Casual Crypto Meetup - Finale” (5 people)
  • Sat. April 20 - Recap event in the VR space, with preliminary media from the series (2 people)


  • Goa’s “Code of Conduct” restrictions, due to forthcoming national elections, poised a major detriment to our original event plans, as initially proposed in early March. As gatherings and events are not permitted during the Code of Conduct period (enforced by police), we cancelled our prospective April 20th live event plans at open air venue, Trip Foundation. We replaced this event with the smaller, private Sat. April 13 house party (25 people instead of 100-150) <<< This is why we went to great lengths to keep the location secret
  • We observed “tech fatigue” from the majority of our audience, as the weeks passed. While the opening week engaged local crowds and inspired participation, subsequent events were lesser attended and wallets were harder to convince of their practicality. A few possible reasons: Most of the remaining events were “private”; the Wallet/NFT request turned quite a few guests away from the Sat. April 13 event; less people were around, due to the typical annual outflux of visitors away from North Goa (usually around the beginning of April)

Financial Report

Budget allocated: USD $1200 (MDAO contribution)
Allocation spent: USD $1200
Total AI Dragon Goa: USD $2382 (Balance covered from our Treasury)
Note that we faced an unfortunate 5-10% shortfall from the value of NEAR due to fluctuations in the crypto market

The budget was stretched to help fund 6 events in Goa, mostly catering and production. If not for Code of Conduct, the budget allocation would have varied, instead focusing on the April 20 live event, promotion, artists and production. Instead, we spread the budget around an increased number of smaller events.

Please note that the balance of the overall series cost (<>$2400) was offset by other supporters, including Filecoin (opening night FIL Goa meetup) and the GLOA Treasury.

Wallets / NFTs

  • 32 NFT “tickets” minted via Sharddog
  • 25 new NEAR wallets
  • 4 NFT claims were internal tests

Alizah NEAR wallet onboarding: (her idea/initiative!)


Sharddog reports:

GLOA NFT ticket minting: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a2raKJSzI9w5tVsir9a-Xovlz2ia_39e/view?usp=sharing
GLOA account / onboarding: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W2sufo5mgtCCS9EjuyIvrJph0PVVxBK3/view?usp=sharing

  • Numerous people chose not to participate due to the “complexity” or hassle of the wallet process
  • Several guests requested multiple NEAR wallets, for use with their brands and other projects (we have been promoting NEAR wallets alike web3 domain names - reserve your username/brands). These vanity wallets are a real winner that sets NEAR apart!

We were unable to onboard people for the following reported reasons:

  • 2 ppl did not want to participate with NFT tickets (Thu. April 4)
  • 7 ppl were prohibited from joining on Thu. April 4 - India telecoms restrictions, solved for some
  • 5 ppl were unable to join on Thu. April 11 - Sharddog issue, reported
  • 6 ppl did not reserve their wallets; People requested “one on one” assistance, citing “technical difficulties”, or most likely being lazy.

Specifically for Sat. April 13:

  • 5 ppl found the NFT issue too complicated, and did not attend
  • 6 ppl could not find the location
  • 6 ppl fell behind with other plans, did not attend

Specifically for DJ Eva Toya (April 16)

  • Due to complexities and network concerns, we decided not to livestream, and instead will consider NEAR wallets/NFT tickets to the premiere of her video episode on Friday May 17

Eva Toya - opening:

Eva Toya closing:

Wallets are inconclusive. The DJ Eva Toya premiere looks to happen Friday May 17, in Koh Phangan and beyond, to a live and global audience. As of today, we are yet to 100% finalise arrangements for the premiere screening of DJ Eva Toya. We are debating requiring NEAR wallets for the NFT invitations, that provide exclusive links to a private VR space & livestream. However, all parties have agreed if it’s too complicated, to forgo this and focus on producing/promoting the live event.

Reach & Visibility

Our primary platform is Instagram, and we often use Facebook and Twitter.

  • 10 Instagram posts
  • 4142+ Reel video plays
  • 3042+ people reached (Instagram + FB)
  • 32% increased reach since previous period
  • AER 15.15% - Not sure if this is good, but feels like room for improvement



We are presently in Bangkok, Thailand, ahead of our “Thai Dragon” tour. This is another series of Knowledge & Arts/music events. We are hoping to onboard support to help us through this complex month.

Thu. May 9 - Goa Music Lab Live @ Speakerbox BKK - Opportunity to onboard wallets for NFT tickets
Thu. May 16 - A.I. Dragon Koh Phangan - Similar to our Goa version, this blends workshops, presentations and talks, immersed in nature, art and music. NEAR presentations possible.
Fri. May 17 - DJ Eva Toya - Premiere - Live launch in Koh Phangan, with worldwide watch parties
Sat. May 18 - Goa Music Lab Live @ Bambu - Opportunity for NFT tickets / digital merch
Sun. May 19 - Bambu Sunday Sessions - Livestream as well as into a custom island VR space!
June/July - Wrap of the A.I. Dragon series (online/VR space hybrid gathering, low key)

We are working diligently on these forthcoming events, implementing lessons from Goa’s A.I. Dragon series into improving the outcomes and experiences in Thailand.

First Bangkok show tease:


A.I. Dragon has been ambitious, challenging, and exhausting, while wholly insightful. The initiative remains incomplete; we’ve only scratched the surface of what we set out to accomplish. Hopefully we can carry this positive momentum and knowledge across to the Thailand events, and gain some support from various means. We feel under-resourced at the moment, and are looking to expand our global team. This is particularly essential for coping with the extra demands of implementing, educating and supporting unfamiliar technologies.

Thank you graciously for your invaluable support! Until next time…


Noting again that the final numbers will be updated upon receiving ShardDog’s final wallet/NFT report. We have sent them daily reminders since April 29. Opportunity: An automated Sharddog system where people can set up their own Sharddog/NFT campaigns, and generate reports instantly upon requirements. Seems that people would be willing to pay for this - GLOA would, for sure.


Thanks for your reporting