[Report] Girly Magic Fashion Editorial - status: concluded

Hey everyone! Sorry for being off these last weeks, lots of things got out of track, but l’ve been trying to deal with everything the best way!
I’m here to report some of the actions that have already been fuded and are ready to be released.

Proponent: @TayOlua

Timeline: Aug, 22 - Sep, 22
From September to now, the distribution planning and execution is going on and now we’re negotiating to be advised by Griot Assessoria to start the dissemination process.

This project refers to: [Proposal] Girly Magic Fashion Editorial Pt2 - The Graphic Work

To produce a fashion editorial through a collective creative process.

Production Phases:

  • Photoshoot - status: concluded
  • Photo Edition - status: concluded
  • Graphic Edition - status: concluded
  • Team onboarding - status: concluded
  • Distribution - status: ongoing

Final Products

  • 1 Fashion Editorial (PDF)
  • 1 site to host more project content and link to 3xr Space
  • 1 NFT Gallery as a register (20 NFTs)

The Gallery: Girly Magic Space | CUSTOM 3XR
The Complete Project [site]: https://bit.ly/GirlyMagic-Editorial

Technical File

  • Text Production & Graphic edition: Tay Oluá 100 Usd
  • Photo post production: @Dazo 60 Usd
  • 3xr Gallery Consultance: @LulucaL 40 Usd
  • Distribution planning: Tay Oluá
  • Marketing & Media 100 Usd

3 new wallets

  • camilalimac.near
  • cobracor4l.near
  • muitolouc4.near
    28 minted NFTs
    The tokens will be listed according to advisory process, so we can measure our reach and better understand our target public.

Since our roadmap ends at distribution planning, in theory we’re done but I’ll keep refreshing about metrics after we release the complete content.

Thanks, #nomadelabel-dao for it all!


Happy to know you, help you as i can and see you do Your amayzing work. Keep ahazashlay! :heart:

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Thanks so much for being a part of this!
If you’re still up for an intervention, I can share some photos and collages and you do your magic, then we can mint your arts as a feature part of the project :purple_heart:

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Querooooo esse FT :clinking_glasses::heart:

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