[REPORT] Gamefi & OpMa Contributions

April 24, 2022April 30, 2022

  • officially added to DAO advisors council (end of W13 raids)
  • weekly contributors call; provided mtg mins
  • monthly community call; provided mtg mins
  • total N/A: 0 marmaj

May 1, 2022May 7, 2022

  • (5/1) weekly internal call + summary provided directly in tg group channel. (1 mmj)
  • (5/1) 2hr mtg: onboarding + prepared outline and covered: CH housekeeping, efficiencies, server integration of 2 bots built on NEAR, start-up guide, server infrastructure/ expansion/ migration/ timelines, upcoming guild events, short & long-term goals, use cases for token gating such as raffles, private channels, etc. (4.38 mmj)
  • (5/2) integration, (5/3) then feature tested MP bots. (4.38 mmj)
  • (5/3) moonbase bot activation fee required (1 NEAR - previously approved)
  • (5/4) 35m mtg: clarity on product supporting MP and licensing (1.09 mmj)
  • summary of tasks: continual server admin, engagement, recruitment!! (which is quite crucial to community building), reorg, streamline group formation (a 24hr process, at least, to account for global timezones), now hosting 3 levels competitively, and the 3rd week for [easy]. in addition, coordinated an [easy:casual] allowing entry-leveled players to learn and participate in raids for their first time; splitting budget report into 2 (CH parties vs personal) starting this week.
  • since it’s technically my first week (in advisory role), hourly of 2.19 mmj based on this, not 3
  • total: 10.85 marmaj


May 8, 2022May 14, 2022

  • (5/8) weekly internal call + summary (1 mmj - previously approved)
  • (5/9) used NEAR indexer to query # of raids attempted per player per group – this was a “coming soon” functionality announced by the PixelDapp team in April. I’m not a FE dev so simply providing screenshots to our teammates for now; but the BE logic works. could be tweaked since the query still times out sometimes.
  • (5/10) official server announcement to release contribution data of players choosing to raid competitively and claim weekly bounties.
  • pending: raffles channel is contingent upon PixelDapp team rolling out “direct item transfers”
  • preparing for server expansion and migration of advisors on council, contributors, plus 550 general members in the Marmaj Guild.
  • weekly: 20 mmj

May 15, 2022May 21, 2022

  • (5/15) weekly internal call + summary (1 mmj - approved)
  • (5/16) SR (stat ranks) reverse engineered by crowdsourcing heroes’ nude stats of various levels (1-70), although still missing 60% stats, indexed the hp multiplier for heroes (knight/mage/ranger)
  • (5/21) still new and tweaking formula as reflected in changelog, but end goal is to have a calculator for modifying and normalizing SR, to better and more fairly assess the hero’s true value and qualifications to compete at a certain level [ez/med/hard].
    tldr: a high leveled hero but equipped with all common gears provides its team zero assistance…
  • verify ownership of marmaj holders using Membrane - this has been an ongoing dialogue to obtain more rules & conditions
  • which will then require onboarding and education on how to sync with NEAR wallet, in order to unlock private channels (future use cases)
    • finally gathered all MCMs from TG to Discord (adjustment feedback)
    • research to architect a clean, easy-to-navigate server menu for the whole community
    • researching the abundant options within discord’s bot ecosystem to integrate, test roles, rules, webhooks’ functionalities
    • creating auto-role assignment where it makes sense
    • draft a rules channel (might get bumped to next week)
    • draft a new “landing” channel, to more broadly welcome and address the Marmaj Guild, not just CH players
  • goal: starting with MCM migration: get each member to create discord account, if applicable. polls to better understand how category/channels/threads/automation can support each member’s workflow
  • weekly: 20 mmj

2 weeks total: 40 marmaj


May 22, 2022May 28, 2022

Nitro proposal - already approved
  • (5/25) [Approved] Nitro proposal for server upgrades (rate as of 5/26 ~8am ET was 16.59 mmj $90.01)
    The Official Marma J Server is being setup through Discord. A server can unlock 3 Levels of perks through “Server Boosts.” The current objective is to unlock Level 2, which would enable the Marma J server to assign unique icons to each role, create private threads (this is crucial as it is functional), upload a customized banner, among other perks listed here.
    7 (server) boosts are required to unlock Level 2. We are currently at 2 boosts: meaning we are 5 boosts short. One server boost costs $49.99/year (5 would be $249.95/year). As the server admin, I already subscribed to Nitro Classic monthly at $4.99 out of pocket, in order to provide our server with some basic features like custom animated emojis and upload size increase. The Nitro plan is $5 more ($9.99/mo or $99/year), would grant 30% off server boosts and comes with 2 boosts free! So in essence, the annual subscription of 2 individual server boosts = the same cost total as the Nitro annual subscription (+ 2 boosts and 30% off additional boosts).
    A no-brainer :slight_smile: The plan would switch from monthly to yearly, with the next renewal set for: Mar 23, 2023.
    2 boosts will be immediately applied to our server, with 3 additional boosts sourced hopefully from our community members. More details avail upon request.
  • (5/22) weekly internal call (1 mmj - approved)
  • (5/22) W21 raids opma: sorted and selected players weighed upon {previous week’s participation % (based on battles) + contribution ratio (based on wins from battles) + adjusted SR (not in-game SR)}
  • (5/23) ongoing SR calc modifications: by sourcing supplemental class stats: K/M/R
  • (5/24) 1hr mtg: MCM Meetup x Antigua (3 mmj)
  • (5/26) by reaching 7 boosts, the Marma J Foundation Official Discord Server unlocked LVL 2 perks! (better audio quality for conducting mtgs, better live streams for screensharing, server banner, custom stickers, and most importantly: :lock:private threads)
  • (5/26) attended the NEAR Town Hall live stream to learn more about the ecosystem from various NEAR initiatives worldwide, project-funding, growth, existing to future potential use cases for NFTs and so much more! Chloe was also part of the Panel (at 1:01:48).
  • (5/26) began collab x WBAS (whiteboard animated series) voice over for video 1, v1. due to timezone difference, will resume next day in attempt to complete before Sunday’s Workshop.
  • (5/27) presented opp for purchasing bundle of legendary gears to supple future raffles to marmaj token-holders in our community. fast fwd: 3 items were purchased on Marketplace by unknown, which broke up the bundle price.
  • (5/27) server: welcome screen popup created (points user to get verified) → screener popup to “read & agree to server rules” created → redirects to #verify channel (tested, version chaanges based on feedback for clearer instructions such as: “cmd” to “command” and “input” to “enter” or “type”) → #rules channel (5 mmj)
task (detailed above) marmaj
gamefi & server opma 20
5/24 - mtg w Chloe 3
5/27 - new channels 5
week’s total: 28

May 29, 2022June 4, 2022

  • (5/29) The Workshop: attended full live stream (11:30a-2:45p event timezone), took attendance, provided outline of topics in real time through TG Contributors’ Group Chat, utilized in report (7.5 mmj)
  • (5/29) WBAS: video 1, v2 published!
  • (5/29) W22 raids opma: same formula as the week before. bounty clarification under #announcements within server
  • (5/30) Memorial Day off
  • (6/1 & 6/3) two 1hr mtgs to onboard a new contributor (video editor) on what to add within video’s description section, what not to include in the title, avoid blank screen transitions, curate topics for future videos, process/procedure: expected to walk-through before qualified to create video guide on said topic, create an outline, I will write script based off that, provide audio recordings, piece together video section-by-section.
  • (6/2) 3hr mtg: overdue since the last call on (5/4). drafted an outline to cover: clarity on CH bounty rebalance; offer bounty to raid host; spreadsheet link in a [proposal] can be recognized as published content to reward David’s contributions; talk with PD team; pool of NFTs for future raffles; however, full access to membrane stalled; server migration plan: by groups from TG one-at-a-time; WBAS playlist; events from Hacker House in ATX (6/8-12), NEAR event in Toronto (6/16), to NEARcon in Lisbon (9/12-14); the budget structure for each piece of published content; marmajgalleries ranked top 10 on the NFT dashboard! (9 mmj)
  • (6/2) #tavern bulletin board (5 mmj)
  • first NFT giveaway? a unit for the game CTT (currently in beta)
  • (6/3) began migration of TG chat: marmaj x FR
    also added other marmaj x Partners
  • (6/3) edited workshop [report]
  • pending channels that require more content: directory (work with FR on visual map), self-assign roles, educational (read-only), future-raffles will require tutorial/ guide to connect NEAR wallet, guild contributors, DAO council, partnerships, and nested threads
  • week long goal: est. standard of expectations for a host (any level) to earn extra bounty. have 3 different hosts by W24.
  • month long goal: complete [TG to Discord] server migration by EOM :eyes:
  • year long goal: 1000 unique accounts interacting with marmajDAO by EOY
  • (6/4) :hearts: special day of celebration & shoutout to founders of marmaj
task (detailed above) marmaj
gamefi & server opma 20
5/29 - workshop 7.5
6/2 - mtg w Chloe 9
6/2 - new channel 5
week’s total: 41.5

2 weeks total: 69.5 marmaj


Month of June

  • (6/5) no contributors call
  • (6/8) published #contributors bulletin board (5 mmj)
  • (6/9) downloaded sticker packs from forum, resized each one to fit the 320x320 dimension, max 512kb requirement, uploaded 15 of 20 slots. 5 slots left available. will await LVL 3 server unlock to upload the next full set (1 mmj)
  • (6/9) tested role-assignment fxn thru demo acct + tested by other server members, before rolling out #roles (6 mmj)
  • (6/10) published #edu bulletin board (5 mmj)
  • (6/10) began migration of marmaj Contributors TG chat
  • (6/11) add’l partners added to # partnerships (1 mmj)

  • (6/12) Sunday AM: contributors call hosted through Discord Soundstage (approved) + mtg mins published under #council channel (1 mmj)
  • (6/12) Sunday PM: casual live stream of raid-party-setup, chatted with 2 raiders, although founders weren’t able to attend; hope to test out marmajchan VRM during future streams! (2 mmj)
  • (6/13) outline created for future WBAS video series (1.5 mmj)
  • met goal ✓ 3 separate hosts in Weeks 24, 25 & 26
  • (6/16) confirmed main contributors have migrated over! general public is next!
  • (6/16) created 3XR gallery but ID #1192 got hung up during middleware aggregation and never made it to the marmaj.sputnik-dao.near Astro frontend. I wasn’t a part of Astro TG at the time and didnt have a way to reach devs directly. this prevented council from passing it through while also they were packing/ traveling/ out-of-town, with limited wifi access. 4 galleries in total: 2 failed, 1 expired, 1 success (3 mmj)
  • (6/16) token-gate testing: specifically for NFT holders, not FT

  • a slower week while the founders were on honeymoon and I had to host clients in-town. continual TG-to-Discord migration (completed by end of June).
  • (6/19) AM: no contributors call
  • (6/19) PM: hosted another live stream under #party setup voice channel, open-ended dialogue with fellow raiders (1.5 mmj)
  • (6/23) ramping up Road-to-NEARCon22 hype!

  • (6/26) discussions on how to prevent #threads from auto-archiving? can’t ;(
  • (6/27) this week onwards, convert to $USN in CH reports
  • (6/27) reorg & onboarding new responsibilities (DAO proposals)
  • (6/28) Marketing xFR 2hr mtg (6 mmj)
  • (6/28) announcement of token weighted voting coming soon on Astro = #new_channel under DAO and further testing to come.
  • (6/29) created @marmajchan#1234 demo account to provide accurate ss for Discord Tutorial Guide and drafted 4 sections in css accordion (3 mmj)
  • (6/30) how to create a Discord Event: it’s all about where you assign the location
  • (6/30) call to test-drive multicall (1.5 mmj)
  • (6/30) 3XR gallery created proposal, take 4
    // approved // can finally proceed with WBAS :]
  • (7/1) submitted first multicall proposal (a thank you to our Server Boosters)
  • (7/1) submitted Discord Guide & published
  • (7/2) preview: we’ll likely pivot from membrane (CS/paywall) to nepbot (OS) for token-gating in July + began testing in test server (0.5 mmj)
  • some server metrics for this month: 4 distinctive categories, 18 channels, 23 active threads, customized verification integration, self-assigned-roles (4) integration, 2 NEAR eco bots, welcome screen + rules screener activated, 74 emotes total (44 static, 30 animated, many of which I personally customized for MJF), 15 stickers and 86 members (9 stuck in limbo to-date).
task (detailed above) marmaj
gamefi & server opma 80
Week 1 18
Week 2 4.5
Week 3 1.5
Week 4 8
June total: 112

month total: 112 marmaj

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[DRAFT] Month of July




task (detailed above) marmaj
gamefi & server opma
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
July total:

month total: ### marmaj