[REPORT] Gamefi & OpMa Contributions

April 24, 2022April 30, 2022

  • officially added to DAO advisors council (end of W13 raids)
  • weekly contributors call; provided mtg mins
  • monthly community call; provided mtg mins
  • total N/A: 0 marmaj

May 1, 2022May 7, 2022

  • (5/1) weekly internal call + summary provided directly in tg group channel. (1 mmj)
  • (5/1) 2hr mtg: onboarding + prepared outline and covered: CH housekeeping, efficiencies, server integration of 2 bots built on NEAR, start-up guide, server infrastructure/ expansion/ migration/ timelines, upcoming guild events, short & long-term goals, use cases for token gating such as raffles, private channels, etc. (4.38 mmj)
  • (5/2) integration, (5/3) then feature tested MP bots. (4.38 mmj)
  • (5/3) moonbase bot activation fee required (1 NEAR - previously approved)
  • (5/4) 35m mtg: clarity on product supporting MP and licensing (1.09 mmj)
  • summary of tasks: continual server admin, engagement, recruitment!! (which is quite crucial to community building), reorg, streamline group formation (a 24hr process, at least, to account for global timezones), now hosting 3 levels competitively, and the 3rd week for [easy]. in addition, coordinated an [easy:casual] allowing entry-leveled players to learn and participate in raids for their first time; splitting budget report into 2 (CH parties vs personal) starting this week.
  • since it’s technically my first week (in advisory role), hourly of 2.19 mmj based on this, not 3
  • total: 10.85 marmaj

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May 8, 2022May 14, 2022

  • (5/8) weekly internal call + summary (1 mmj - previously approved)
  • (5/9) used NEAR indexer to query # of raids attempted per player per group – this was a “coming soon” functionality announced by the PixelDapp team in April. I’m not a FE dev so simply providing screenshots to our teammates for now; but the BE logic works. could be tweaked since the query still times out sometimes.
  • (5/10) official server announcement to release contribution data of players choosing to raid competitively and claim weekly bounties.
  • pending: raffles channel is contingent upon PixelDapp team rolling out “direct item transfers”
  • preparing for server expansion and migration of advisors on council, contributors, plus 550 general members in the Marmaj Guild.
  • weekly: 20 mmj

May 15, 2022May 21, 2022

  • (5/15) weekly internal call + summary (1 mmj - approved)
  • (5/16) reverse engineered SR (stat ranks) by crowdsourcing heroes’ nude stats of various levels (1-70), although still missing 60% stats, was able to index the hp multiplier for heroes (knight/mage/ranger)
  • (5/21) still new and tweaking formula as reflected in changelog, but end goal is to have a calculator for modifying and normalizing SR, to better and more fairly assess the hero’s true value and qualifications to compete at a certain level [ez/med/hard].
    tldr: a high leveled hero but equipped with all common gears provides its team zero assistance…
  • verify ownership of marmaj holders using Membrane - this has been an ongoing dialogue to obtain more rules & conditions
  • which will then require onboarding and education on how to sync with NEAR wallet, in order to unlock private channels (future use cases)
    • finally gathered all MCMs from TG to Discord (adjustment feedback)
    • research to architect a clean, easy-to-navigate server menu for the whole community
    • researching the abundant options within discord’s bot ecosystem to integrate, test roles, rules, webhooks’ functionalities
    • creating auto-role assignment where it makes sense
    • draft a rules channel (might get bumped to next week)
    • draft a new “landing” channel, to more broadly welcome and address the Marmaj Guild, not just CH players
  • goal: starting with MCM migration: get each member to create discord account, if applicable. polls to better understand how category/channels/threads/automation can support each member’s workflow
  • weekly: 20 mmj

2 weeks total: 40 marmaj

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May 22, 2022May 28, 2022
week in progress

  • (5/22) weekly internal call (1 mmj - approved)
  • (5/25) Nitro proposal ($90.01 16.59 mmj as of 5/26 ~8am ET - approved)
For more context

The Official MarmaJ Server is being setup through Discord. A server can unlock 3 Levels of perks through “Server Boosts.” The current objective is to unlock Level 2, which would enable the MarmaJ server to assign unique icons to each role, create private threads (this is crucial as it is functional), upload a customized banner, among other perks found here.
7 (server) boosts are required to unlock Level 2. We currently have 2 meaning we are 5 boosts short. One server boost costs $49.99/year (5 would be $249.95/year). As the server admin, I subscribed to Nitro Classic monthly for $4.99 in order to provide our server with some basic features like custom animated emojis and upload size increase. The Nitro plan is $5 more ($9.99/mo or $99/year), grants 30% off server boosts and comes with 2 boosts free! So in essence, the annual subscription of 2 individual server boosts share the same cost total as the Nitro subscription (+ 2 boosts and 30% off additional boosts).
A no-brainer :slight_smile: The plan would switch from monthly to yearly, with the next renewal on Mar 23, 2023.
2 boosts will be applied immediately and the 3 additional boosts would be $104.97/year (at $34.99/ea).
Can provide more details upon request.

  • (5/26) Collab x Lawrence on whiteboard video voice over. due to timezone difference, will resume tomorrow (5/27) in attempt to complete before Sunday’s Workshop.

May 29, 2022June 4, 2022

  • (5/29) THE WORKSHOP!!! :smiley:
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