[REPORT] ( Full Stack Engineer | DAOrecords | April 2022)

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Full Stack Engineer

Report for the month and year: April, 2022

Proposed objectives: Finish revenue functionality, work on daorecords.org

Accomplished objectives:

  • Finished revenue functionality
  • Worked on daorecords.io instead (SoundSplash), because it was a higher priority

Summary: I forked FonoRoot to form the base of SoundSplash and restructured some elements to fit ourt needs, there will be 12 landing pages, we are trying to make them template-based, but most likely at least some of them will be completly individual components. The first landing page is almost ready. I was also able to make the website a little bit lighter by deleting some not needed packages.

NEAR wallet name: optr.near

Hours contributed: 50

Total requested funds: $2000

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