[PROPOSAL] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | May 2022 )

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Full Stack Developer
Previous report: [REPORT] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | April 2022)
Proposal for the month and year: May 2022

  • Splash FT launch on Mainnet
  • Splash FT integration with Metapool
  • Continue working on Soundsplash drops for upcoming weeks(week2, week3, week4, week5) & bug fixes
  • Work on the daoreocords.io marketplace contracts & frontend

Launching of Splash FT on Mainnet along with the R&D for integration with Metapool & possibly other liquidity pools. Will continue working with @ottpeter on the Soundsplash upcoming drops related development & testing activities including but not limited to adding marketplace functionality.

Expected hours to contribute: 50


Thank you @cryptovaibhav for your contributions thus far. We’ve come a long way and with everything you’re working on for May I’m excited to see the results!