[REPORT]fraDAO Q1 2024

CreativesDAO Report of fraDAO - Q1 - 2024

DAO name: fraDAO
Guild Name: Atelier Techne Studio
AstroDAO address: fradao.sputnik-dao.near
Councils Q1 - 2024: @frado @Roberta_abinader
thanks all later councils for maximun dedication and profissionalism. we love you!


I would like to share a detailed overview of fraDAO’s activities regarding the NEAR Protocol funds, especially during the challenging period that culminated at the end of 2023. Our journey faced obstacles, but we also witnessed moments of collaboration, overcoming, and remarkable progress.


Challenging Context:

At the end of 2023, we faced significant difficulties, including restrictions in accessing funds and the need to keep the community active amidst project scarcity. Participating in NEARcon 2023, focusing on the Hackathon, was a priority but required exceptional efforts.


Participation Highlights:

fraDAO had a significant presence at ETH Milan, thanks to productive collaboration with BIG THANKS to @rhymetaylor :trophy: :pray: :100: :flight_departure: and @creativesdao-council :flight_departure: :100: :pray: :trophy: :sparkling_heart:. This opportunity not only allowed valuable interaction with the community but also strengthened our presence on the international stage. Thanks for all supporting. iam big fan! :sparkling_heart:


Special Recognition:

I would like to express my gratitude to the generosity of the esteemed @satojandro, :pray: :trophy: :100: whose support made it possible for many community members to participate in the hackathon by providing financial assistance for accommodation. I commit to reciprocate this kindness by supporting future NEAR projects with the same collaboration and generosity and financial possibility.


Advances in 2024:

In 2024, fraDAO continued its journey in a self-sustainable manner, expanding the Fazenda Cósmica and Casa Cósmica projects using the NEAR and Cosmo tokens created during the incubation process. A highlight was the collaboration creation of business experiences for the Museu Cósmica, an ambitious initiative that brought our community together around common goals.


Museu Cósmica Project:

In February 2024, fraDAO gathered as a team within the Cosmic community to develop the business experiences of the Cosmic Museum, a space for residences, restaurant, bar, art, wellness area, and B2B corporate events in the upscale area of São Paulo.
We pooled our efforts into dedicated teams to shape the experiences offered by the Museu Cósmica, carefully considering each aspect from conception to detailed planning, aiming to create an innovative and vibrant space.

We assembled into four teams:

  1. Business
  2. Communication
  3. Audio-Visual
  4. Space (Architecture)


Visual Support and fraDAO AI Videos:

Our two-day immersion in the self-sustainable Cosmica project was captured in inspiring photos, highlighting progress and collaboration.


![Bar_chef_residency|690x310, 75%]

Additionally, we shared videos produced by fraDAO AI to provide a more dynamic and engaging view of our work in progress. Here are the links to the videos:

PLEASE FOLLOW US ! AND LIKE ! thanks :sparkling_heart:


NEARcon 2023 Photos:

During NEARcon 2023, we captured significant moments in photos, documenting our participation and valuable interactions with the community.



Graphics Design for Casa Cósmica Project Promotion:

We developed graphics for future promotions of the Casa Cósmica project, highlighting its importance and potential impact.



Hackathon Photos:

We recorded our participation in the Hackathon with photos, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Hachathon PHOTOS


Token Cosmo(incubated by fraDAO):


Web3 Engagement:

We made significant strides on our social media, especially on Twitter, maintaining a strong presence in the NEAR ecosystem. Our active engagement demonstrates our continued commitment to promoting growth and innovation within the community.



Under the theme of council work and self-sustainable projects, it’s noteworthy to mention the proactive involvement of the fraDAO community in staying informed about cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence. Through our dedicated channels on platforms like Telegram, fraDAO ensured that members were well-informed and supported in understanding concepts like artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. This proactive approach allowed fraDAO to lead the conversation within the community, providing valuable insights and assistance. Additionally, fraDAO took the initiative to edit videos and document trips, further enhancing community engagement and showcasing our commitment to self-sustainability and innovation. This collaborative effort exemplifies fraDAO’s dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering a supportive environment within the community.

Telegram AI


As we move forward, we are dedicated to continuing to drive innovation and growth within the NEAR ecosystem.
We appreciate everyone involved for their ongoing support and enthusiasm.


fraDAO, Frado, Roberta and Cosmica Team.



It has been a pleasure to work with and get to know you, Frado. :pray:


It’s always an honor to work with you. Here we go

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